Antifa vs the Tree of Liberty

The Media Loves Antifa


Antifa goons are the Brownshirts of the radicalized left. They have made their hostility to freedom of speech explicit, assaulting independent journalists, counterprotesting a free speech rally in DC yesterday, and presenting demands to journalists that — coming from Antifa — are backed by an implicit threat of violence. Nonetheless, though you might think it relies on free speech more than anyone, the media loves Antifa:

The media loves moonbattery more than it loves freedom of speech. It has no inclination to say anything that would be forbidden under leftist authoritarianism anyway. Those who bring us the liberal establishment’s version of the news are not journalists, but apparatchiks. The point is not to inform, but to maximize power.

The presstitudes are overwhelmingly on the side of increasingly violent Antifa goons, so journalists will be happy to follow these reporting guidelines: “Please avoid publishing any potentially incriminating photos or video footage…”

“No Trump, no wall, no USA at all,”

…chant the moonbats. This gives away what progressives are progressing toward. They want to cancel America.

My Tree of Liberty is very thirsty.

Other news:


Hong Kong’s outspoken Cardinal Joseph Zen, a staunch critic of the Vatican’s secretive agreement with the Chinese Communist Party last year, has warned new Vatican directives could lead to the “death of the true faith’’ in China.

Cardinal Zen said the main problem was that the Communist party had “already reneged on its promises to respect Catholic doctrine’’.

USA: Teachers Inserting Climate Change into Curriculum Without Training, Textbooks

Most teachers are leftoids & heavily infected with the CC-virus:

Despite the unsettled science and evidence to the contrary, teachers without training or textbooks are giving lessons to U.S. public school students on the threat of manmade climate change.

These teachers aren’t teaching, they are indoctrinating.

Survey: Antisemitism in Europe Worsened in Last Five Years

Survey: Antisemitism in Europe Worsened in Last Five Years

Macron’s France to Force Social Media and Search Engines to Censor ‘Hate Speech’

France to Force Tech Giants to Censor ‘Hate Speech’

One thought on “Antifa vs the Tree of Liberty”

  1. All politicians are professional hypocrites, and all hypocrisy involves paranoid masochism aka psychopathic behavior. They pretend everyone else’s always out to get them so they’re always helpless victims. So when a real threat (ALL muslims really ARE always out to get them) they simply, out of habit, keep on doing what they’d have done if there wasn’t a real threat, which is to pretend to give in to it anyway! After all, they’ve learned from long experience as negligent criminals, that “there’s no money in solutions!” and pretending to study a problem forever (as long as they can get paid to pretend they can’t understand it) while also pretending to control their fears BY causing and inducing others to cause those very same worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most, is what they would have always done anyway.

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