“Perverting Islam”


Tommy Robinson asks President Trump for help: ‘grant me and my family political asylum’

“My name is today I am calling on the help of @realDonaldTrump his administration and the @GOP. To grant me and my family political asylum in the of America.”

“This wasn’t a trial. It was an execution. They want him dead. They’ll put him with the Muslims in prison.”

 Please please hear Tommy Robinson’s plea.

Back in the US of A:

If there’s one man on the planet you can count on to tell the truth about his sexual behaviour it’s Slick Willie.

The Clinton Presidential Library refused to hand over information relating to Bill Clinton’s ties to disgraced sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, it has been revealed.

Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s Lolita Express at least 26 times according to flight logs and the billionaire sex offender had 21 phone numbers for Clinton.

Slick Willie claims he went only four times to pedo heaven.

WTF happened to us?

Did we have acid attacks 30 years ago?
Did we have Fgm 30 years ago?
Did we have rampant knife attacks 30 years ago?
So what has changed?

Perverting Islam?

Whenever you hear somebody utter words like that idiot McMaster “we understand terrorists are using a perverted interpretation of Islam to justify their criminal acts” you either have to shout them down with rage or you better run for your life, because they are the useful idiots of Islam.

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT thanks to Pamela Geller

Apologists for Islam at Hoover Institute, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and H.R.McMaster compete for best dhimmi award……. (TT)

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  1. I am truly surprised that Tommy is asking Trump for asylum.
    I was under the distinct impression he was far too much of a devoted patriot to ever abandon the UK, even if staying meant his own death – but I guess he had to think of his family.

    1. Going into exile doesn’t mean abandoning your homeland. Many patriots have been exiled only to return victorious.

      Also many of our foes. Just think of the Ayatollah Khomeini, or Lenin before him.

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