Why has every Western nation signed up to saving  (fake) refugees against the wishes & interests of their own people?

This is large scale people trafficking, they are not about saving lives. This is about flooding Europe with unassimilable savages and breaking down Western society. It’s about destroying thousands of years of culture & civilisation.

There is one and one solution, though. It is to seize & confiscate all ships involved in people smuggling. These ferries should be blown out of the water and their crews charged with aiding and abetting the invasion.

In other news:

Yellow Vest Protests in France

One thought on “STOP THE BOATS!”

  1. Re: “Why has every Western nation signed up to saving (fake) refugees against the wishes & interests of their own people?”

    It’s the same instinct which motivates ALL criminal hypocrites (and all hypocrites are criminals, just as all criminals are hypocrites).

    As someone recently pointed out, the conundrum of “socialism” is:

    “Why is it greedy to want to keep your own money, but not greedy to want to take someone else’s?”

    In other words, ALL virtue-signalling hypocrites (aka psycho-paths, who embrace the double standards of fake paranoid masochism) ALWAYS want to convince others that masochism is good (for others, but not for them)!

    So to them, it’s great when everyone (else) agrees to take in poor savages (in stead of sending money to help them out in their own lands, which would be cheaper and more effective) but not great when they have to personally pay for it (witness what happened when Trump recently agreed with the Dems to send all the border-jumpers to the liberals’ own sanctuary cities – their heads exploded). Double-standards hypocrisy is like that. All criminals are always like that.

    So even if there wasn’t a globalist plot to destroy the West, the unassociated criminals would have to invent one anyway! It’s an “organic” process – where each one, on his and her own, uses their own main excuse viewpoint of paranoid masochism to make them try to cause and induce others to help them cause those very same worst-case scenario problems which cause the pains they fear the most! Like inviting muslims to invade us all!

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