Geert Wilders: If I was PM I would help Tommy Robinson immediately

Geert Wilders knows what star chambers stuffed with dhimmi judges can do to a man. He’s been there. He still stands his ground.


Sarah Corriher (aka The Ashamed Millennial) brings us up to date regarding the status of the political prisoner Tommy Robinson, who has been jailed in the Britain (as others have been) for drawing attention to the child sex abuse that has been inflicted on native girls on an industrial scale by Muslim colonists and that has been allowed to flourish by the dhimmified liberal establishment:

British judges have proclaimed that Robinson encouraged “vigilante action” against Muslim rape gangs by filming accused rapists. Muslims are so special in Islamized Britain that if they are accused of crimes you cannot film them or the system will treat you as the criminal. He could be sentenced to up to 2 years plus an unlimited fine.

If Robinson is killed in prison by Muslims as the authorities appear to be hoping, in effect he will have been executed for the thought crime of countermoonbattery.  (Moonbattery)

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