Hundreds of African Savages occupy the French Pantheon demanding legal status

Official headline:

“Hundreds of migrants occupy the French Panthéon demanding legal status”

Reality check:

Large numbers of illegals storm the Pantheon in Paris, demand papers for all invaders

Vald Tepes videos:

They seem to be calling themselves the “black vests” but none of them is wearing back vests. I guess it’s some sort of privilege.

Hundreds of ‘Black Vest’ migrant protesters flooded the Paris landmark, the Pantheon, demanding the right to remain in France. The protesters vowed to remain on site until all the illegals get proper papers from the authorities.

Just wondering who’s giving them instructions. By themselves, they are unlikely to organise such a protest.

Time to bring back the guillotine


Norway to test free heroin for drug addicts
Five African migrants have been arrested in Rome this week after turning a local church into a headquarters for trafficking and stockpiling large amounts of heroin.