United Nations Gets Serious About Taking Our Food

Nature reports that the United Nations is coming for our food on behalf of the climate:

Efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions and the impacts of global warming will fall significantly short without drastic changes in global land use, agriculture and human diets, leading researchers warn in a high-level report commissioned by the United Nations.

Too bad actual science is not involved. They might proceed more methodically, first proving that there is any warming beyond normal fluctuation, then proving that more bad than good will come of this, then proving that human greenhouse gas emissions are causing it, then proving that dictating what we can eat would have any perceptible impact on the weather. But none of this is necessary, because this is a power grab, not science.

On 8 August, the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change] released a summary of the report, which is designed to inform upcoming climate negotiations amidst the worsening global climate crisis. More than 100 experts compiled the report in recent months, around half of whom hail from developing countries.

It is not a coincidence that so many of these “experts” come from developing (aka sh**hole) countries, despite such countries being a poor place to look for scientific expertise. The redistribution of wealth from nations that create it to nations that do not is a major component of global warming ideology.

Jacobins have their marching orders:

“It’s really exciting that the IPCC is getting such a strong message across,” says Ruth Richardson, the Toronto, Canada-based executive director at the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a strategic coalition of philanthropic foundations. “We need a radical transformation, not incremental shifts, towards a global land use and food system that serves our climate needs.”

To get an idea of what people like this mean by “a radical transformation,” refer to Mao’s Great Leap Forward, the objectives of which were relatively modest. That killed 45 million people in just 4 years. Think of all the carbon footprints wiped clean!

It isn’t just meat that these antihuman maniacs scream makes it be too hot out. They don’t like crops either. It might be okay with the climate if we eat maggots though.

How did Stalin and Mao manage to kill so many more people than Hitler? They took control of the food supply. Starvation did the rest.

United Nations Gets Serious About Taking Our Food