Whatever it takes to keep these ‘migrants’ out!

These are not ‘rescue ships’, these are ferry boats, shuttles, operated by enemies of western culture & civilisation. Mass-transport of unassimilable savages, be they Mohammedans or Africans, for settlement in Europe, is a heinous crime and must be treated as high treason.
Hong Kong Protesters Battle Police, Despite Beijing’s Warnings

Tear gas filled streets during a 10th consecutive weekend of unrest as protests broke out across the city

HONG KONG—Police made dozens of arrests late Sunday amid bloody clashes with protesters across the city, cracking down hard on antigovernment demonstrators who defied warnings from Beijing and took to the streets for a 10th consecutive weekend.

In a shift of tactics, police in riot gear charged groups in several districts. In one subway station, they fired tear gas and used batons to beat protesters who were running away and pinned several to the ground; in another, squads grabbed protesters from the streets; barrages of tear gas and rubber bullets were fired in another clash outside a police station.