Real bad craziness!



You sit there talking about economic growth when we are on the verge of mass extinction! I should be back in school across the ocean in Sweden playing with my “Adorable Adolf” doll. But, Nooo- I have to give a speech at the UN Climate Summit and must hysterically cry that YOU have stolen my dreams and childhood!


PS. you are EVIL if you don’t agree with me.”

Greta Thunberg

One thought on “Real bad craziness!”

  1. What Greta Thunberg states is absolutely true …
    It is just that the target of her complaining is tragically and chronically misdirected !

    Her complaints should be directed directly towards her (Child) Abusing Controllers … (aka leftoids, liberals, marxists, socialists, academics, The Greens) and what they are attempting to do to this realm.

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