ScoMo dismisses Greta Thunberg’s call to take action on climate change over bushfires

Greta, world-renown expert retard on faux-science known as ‘climate change’,  demands ‘climate action’ to deal with arsonists in Australia.

Experts say Australia is on ‘front line’ of the climate crisis and the government has to do more to tackle the problem.

Back to reality:

Here’s Your Climate Change, Everybody

Just as in NSW, arsonists are laying waste to Queensland: “Almost 100 firebugs have deliberately started blazes across Queensland that have destroyed homes and consumed thousands of hectares of bushland.”    (Tim Blair)

Scott Morrison has dismissed Greta Thunberg’s call for Australia to take more action on climate change, declaring he was “not here to impress people overseas”.

The Prime Minister said he would keep his focus on voters rather than the 16-year-old climate activist, who lashed the Morrison government for failing to take sufficient action on emissions in the wake of the bushfire crisis.

“Australia and the Australian government will set our policies based on Australia’s national interests, on what Australia needs to do. That’s where I keep my focus,” Mr Morrison said.

In other news:

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  1. If you were allowed to access the actual true statistics you would find that the actual increase in the number of bush or forest fires for a given season is a direct function of the numbers of muslims living with 100k. but just like the muslim birthrate for boys in the west(90% cf 10% females…not opinion but labour ward fact which proves criminal discriminate gender abortion as boys can then marry white trash and convert them thus doubling their effect) these statistics are hidden in the folders of the very left public services in the west.. But IF you bother to read the al Qaeda handbook anything that damages western economies such as arson is well in the front of the manual. But the left will not allow the masses to know this. In my world the ABC would be cut to the bone and the SBS closed. When will the fools realize that they know it is war but we do not.

  2. Addendum: I have just found out that I am banned from posting on XYZ. My crime? Vigorously debating the invading blatantly anti-Semitic Nazis who posted freely until the whole page was deleted. IMO XYZ wants to get his own act together before he tells anyone else what to do. Sadly disappointed as with “allies” like this what chance have we? What is ironic is that on another site I was debating with a hypersensitive Jew about Christianity and he accused me of anti-Semitism , so I showed him the above XYZ discussion and he immediately cried to Disqus and: bye bye page. With allies like this…etc ad nauseam.

    1. I found out that Disqus/Breitbart deletes anything with ‘Soros’ in it.

      XYZ is a rabid Jew-hating site. Every once in a while one can find a halfways decent article, only to be inundated with Jew-hating, Jew-blaming. Jew-ridiculing BS in the comments.

      It’s better not to post anything there, let alone link to it.

      Links should have a warning label attached.

      1. Thank you! I have only been there a couple of times and it seemed okay but I wondered why the site owner gave them free reign. I never complain about posts by such as everything they say and do just proves my stance on them and their allies. However on gabbai I was drowned by the masses of keyboard would be SA slime. It was incredible how free speech sites attracts the blowflies.

  3. Found @ …

    (Video 2) – The Genocide of Australia has begun and every politician, councillor and pastor who doesn’t oppose it – supports it …

    The Drought and accompanying firestorm currently gripping Australia has been brought about, and is being managed, very deliberately, and the treasonous criminal racketeers masquerading as the Australian Government are using this drought they have purposely manufactured to push Agenda 21 onto the people of Australia. If you are an Australian, or you care about Australia and its people, please share this everywhere and help make this video viral. Please Share – Mirror – Reupload and repost this video everywhere you can.

    Please folks, I implore you to help because we are getting hammered here in Australia and this is no joke. The creek out the front has stopped flowing. I’ve been in this area 52 years and these creeks have never been dry. Hideous droughts I’ve seen, all the grass dead, but I have never seen the creeks stop flowing because they are all spring fed from aquifers below ground. But now they have harvested the water from the flood plains, they are draining the artesian basin and they have felled trees on the mountains and exposed the well springs to the sun and the springs have stopped flowing. And this NOT from “climate change”.

    This is Deliberate! And its not just in the valley where I live. It is all the creeks around here on both sides of the ranges … the springs have stopped … the sky is full of smoke and the sunlight is red … it looks surreal … they are killing us, they are killing everything, all the wild life, everything, and they are driving the people into the cities. This is agenda 21 in full swing.

    1. the actual increase in the number of bush or forest fires for a given season is a direct function of the numbers of muslims living with 100k ” … [sic]

      An observable an undeniable statistic.
      (Islams have net available instruction in many forms on EXACTLY how to be arsonists)

      This link …

      Which is missing from the Archives
      Included (#Bushfire Jihad, #Joggerphobia & ‘Backlash’ BS)
      Had this Comment (dated 13 JAN 2015) posted in it …
      (Part of which is reproduced here)

      Yep !!!
      Then they (islams and islam Appeasers – Your Politicians) call for a crack-down on ‘islamophobes’ spreading rumours that islams are carrying out bushfire jihad

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      • Start Forest Fires (Many Methods Explained and a guide to the best Fire Seasons)
      • Use a PickUp Truck as a (Human) Mowing Machine
      • Destroy a Building (Using the Triangle of Combustion)
      • Make a Bomb (Kitchen Fun Fun Fun)
      • Make Acetome Peroxide (Described as a very Popular Explosive)
      • Remote control Detonation (for the novice)
      • and enough “other” stuff to fry a mujahideen’s tiny little brain with ugly happiness . . . .
      (link no longer active)

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      . . . . and just so you fully understand what your “islam Appeaser” Politicians have done to you
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      • In Australian law, personal protection is not a genuine reason – for Firearm Possession
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      Congratulations to Australia’s “authorities” Politicians Judiciary and Local Government Councillors for . . . . Total Treason !!!
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  4. Hmmmm..

    Greta Thunberg …
    A Bigger Dopey Criminal Than I Ever Thought She Is !!!
    (dus … idiot)

    What will she do/be when “they” discard her … as “they” want/need !!!
    (spit shout pout and accuse)

  5. of anti-Semitic Nazi’s …

    of Definition …
    Nazi = National Socialist = Socially Minded Nationalist

    So The Terrible Label “Nazi” in its neutral sense means …
    a “socially minded Nationalist“.

    Perhaps …
    We Should Have Listened To Him

    (Remember – History Is Written/Hidden By Those Who Win … )
    I have Always wondered at the Historic Photos and Films of the German Masses Idolising This Man …
    So perhaps – as the video requests … an open mind is required !

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