Islam, climate change & menstruating women

Netherlands: tiny minority of excremists are causing problems in mosques

True story. It’s always just a “tiny minority”, or is it?

Socialism, Not Climate Change, Is the Real Threat

Police who let Asian gangs rape girls because they were afraid of race backlash ‘must be named’

Named & shamed, tarred & feathered & burned at the stakes!

Where would we be without the “science” of Islam:

Cleric Calls for Islamic Domination of India…

An Islamic cleric named Mufti Shahryar Raza has issued threats against PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and has incited open hostility against Hindus, a video of which has now gone viral.

Raza starts off vituperating against Muslim women who are participating at the vigil in Shaheen Bagh against the passage of Citizenship Amendment Act. He says that by recognising the existence of Lord Ram, Jesus, the protesters are indulging in destroying the Iman(faith) on Islam. The video was shared on 9th February by YouTube channel Ghulam-e-Raza.