Victor Orban: migration is organized invasion

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán – the only head of state in Europe who’s been willing to take any real action to stop the ongoing migrant invasion of Europe – on Thursday spoke of the mounting migratory pressure on Hungary’s southern border. – Voice of Europe
Viktor Orbán: “A Liberal is Nothing More Than a Communist With a Degree”

Every year Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gives a State of the Nation address to the Hungarian people. Below are excerpts from this year’s speech, which he gave yesterday. In his remarks Mr. Viktor Orbán talked about the EU migration crisis, the new National Consultation, and attempts by George Soros to undermine Hungary’s independence and sovereignty.

Italy: Salvini Facing Show Trial for “Kidnapping” Migrants

Italians Oppose Putting Salvini on Trial for Stopping Migrant Boats

Nearly half of Italians say that is was the wrong choice for senators to strip populist leader Matteo Salvini of his immunity as a potential trial against the former interior minister looms.

Forty-three per cent said that it was “wrong” for the chamber to give authorisation for the League (Lega) leader to be put on trial over a 2019 case in which he refused to allow migrants aboard a coastguard vessel to land on Italian soil.

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