Money for Moslems

The Coronavirus outbreak is far worse then they are telling us.

Australia: Devout Muslim Bachar Houli’ has earned an $850,000 federal grant


The  Richmond defender will lead youth programs at the Australian Islamic Centre’s new interfaith centre.

It will have eight classrooms, education programs, a library and gym.

No infidel will set foot in this place.

Germany: African illegals demand rights & benefits:

German far-right group was 'plotting Christchurch-style attack'

German far-right group was ‘plotting Christchurch-style attack’

Rarely is there any truth to these “far-right” stories, who serve the Merkel regime to whip up fear against any conservative who dares to disagree with their failed policies.

Concerns rise as more details emerge about men who wanted to carry out large-scale, deadly attacks against Muslims.


This is a really very good discussion between two friends of AJA, Andrew Bolt and Hillel Neuer, Director of UN Watch.

The subject is UN Hypocrisy, particularly as it applies to human rights. Hillel Neuer is arguably amongst the world’s most informed critics of the UN.

Everything about the United Nations is corrupt and wrong, and Australia should just get the hell out of it.

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  1. ‘Money for Muslims’? Then let’s not forget the Australia Council’s $20,000 grant, together with six months residency in Paris, to the unspeakable Yassmin Abdel-Magied. As I understand it, this creature doesn’t even live in Australia any more. However we’re told she will use the residency in Paris to write another book – no doubt one continuing to denigrate Australia, all the while telling the whole world how vile and racist Australians all are. Dunno about vile and racist, Yassmin, but the Australia Council has just proved how unbelievably stupid we all are.

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