Trump: BLM is Treason, Sedition & Insurrection


Serious rioting in Brixton last night, which this morning received hardly any media coverage. It seems that mob rule is being encouraged and not condemned.–  Nigel Farage

Man Behind ‘White Lives Matter’ Banner over Soccer Match Fired

That is disgraceful. What a bunch of cowardly hypocrites these Brits are!

Delingpole: White Lives Do Matter, Actually

Martha is not up to the job:

BLM Leader: If America ‘Doesn’t Give Us What We Want, We Will Burn Down this System’

A bullet to the head can fix this before the problem gets out of hand.

Trump: Black Lives Matter Leader’s Threat to ‘Burn Down This System’ Is ‘Treason, Sedition, Insurrection’

Twitter labels video Trump tweeted as 'manipulated'

President Donald Trump on Thursday responded to a Black Lives Matter leader threatening to “burn down this system” unless the United States “give[s] us what we want,” accusing him of  “treason, sedition,” and “insurrection.”