BoJo’s Britain Welcomes ‘Migrants’

UK: Illegal Muslim migrants given VIP treatment and filling hotels on taxpayer dime

It is strikingly clear that, rather than finding a ‘hostile environment’, invading migrants have been welcomed.  Some migrants had been offered “immediate access to regular payments whilst accommodated at taxpayer expense”, in hotels.

BoJo considers law change amid rising migrant crossings
Boris Johnson says the UK should work with France over channel crossings.

The UK needs to consider changes to asylum laws to deter migrants from crossing the English Channel, Boris Johnson has said.

The prime minister said it was currently “very, very difficult” to legally return people who arrive in the UK from France using small boats.

More than 4,000 people have successfully crossed the English Channel this way so far this year.

UK and French ministers will meet later to discuss how to reduce this number.

But the Mohammedan Khan won’t have any of that:

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  1. Re: “Two murthers and fourteen stabbings in London over the weekend, but this is what the mainstream media want you to see:”

    It’s hilarious to think cops have X-Ray vision so they can see inside the cars which are already breaking the law, and can thus decide to only pull over and harass “People Of Colour!” when in reality of course it’s the exact opposite – they can’t get license plate updates in real time fast enough to discriminate, so all the stats prove (as always) is that non-Whites commit far more crimes!

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