The Masters of the Universe are Overplaying Their Hand

Gee, Trump really should stop criticizing Black Lives Matter if he wants to win the election. These attacks are, like, really backfiring.

Twitter Locks Account of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney, John Pierce

Twitter Locks Account of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney, John Pierce…

Twitter is evolving as an extreme leftist propaganda outfit.

…Slaps Warning on Trump Tweets

The masters of the universe are overplaying their hand.

DOJ to File Antitrust Charges Against Google in the Coming Weeks

Oregon Salon Owner: If Nancy Pelosi Can Get Her Hair Done, ‘Open Up America Right Now’

One thought on “The Masters of the Universe are Overplaying Their Hand”

  1. There is a pattern. The Paris agreement was an attempt at redistribution of the West’s wealth; namely white people’s. Under Clinton, Obama’s plan was going to work without any obstacles. Trump won; Trump vowed to withdraw completely… He initiated the process. The U. N. was Obama’s means of redistributing the wealth of white people…. Ultimately, Trump would not be allowed to remove America from their grasp… The leftist politicians, including many on the right were willing to submit…. Trump wasn’t. Consequently, various approaches were pursued in order to cut Trump down…. The pandemic is the one attempt which was planned and is now being actualised in order to bankrupt white businesses and people…. Note, the notion of open international borders will eventually allow those properties lost to be redistributed to the coming and mostly Muslim hordes…. This is what all this stuff is about… Whilst that happens, those who have lost their jobs, their businesses will be paid a n income, so their eyes glaze over and miss what is happening. The globalist companies are all in… They have, to a great degree already followed through with this agenda…. Now, the next phase is for the distribution of white properties ‘lost” to the pandemic…. Our political leaders were willing to betray us in the name of climate change, and are now betraying the name of the pandemic.

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