Jack Dorsey ‘should be indicted for perjury,’ RudyGiuliani tells Newsmax


Rudy is on fire. He’s had a gut full. Being vilified, entrapped & ridiculed by media halfwits. He tells the truth. Unfiltered.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Thursday told Newsmax TV that Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey “should be indicted for perjury” following his testimony before Congress.

Joe Biden thinks you’re too stupid to believe the hard evidence showing years of corruption at YOUR expense. The arrogance is astounding.

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Glenn Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept Over Censorship of Joe Biden Corruption

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak
The leftist media’s rush to bury the Joe Biden corruption scandal has hypercharged cancel culture, leading Glenn Greenwald, who co-founded The Intercept in order to further free speech and a free press, to resign from his own institution after facing censorship. Specifically, Greenwald aimed to expose the evidence behind the Biden scandal and to condemn the legacy media’s attempts to suppress the story — but the editors at his own publication censored him.
Glenn Greenwald posts Biden article The Intercept refused to publish where he tears into ‘biased’ journalists for ‘making excuses’ for Joe – and shares his editors’ demands to ‘narrow down’ his corruption claims
  • Greenwald wanted to publish an article on The Intercept about media bias towards Joe Biden 
  • His argument was that the majority of outlets have refused to question Biden aggressively over his son’s business dealings abroad
  • The biggest question is over emails the NY Post revealed in which it is suggested that Biden met with a Ukrainian businessman 
  • Greenwald, in his article, condemned Facebook and Twitter for censoring that article
  • He also mapped out how multiple journalists from left-leaning outlets had refused to cover the story
  • He said they ‘don’t want to know’ and that there are clear prejudices 
  • His editors wanted to revise the piece and make it less suggestive that Biden had ever done anything wrong 
  • Greenwald, outraged, said he was being censored and tendered his resignation 

, Why are we just finding out just 5 days before an Election that the Biden Family has been under Criminal Investigation for nearly a year now?

Greenwald, who had grown increasingly uneasy with The Intercept’s rush to support leftist orthodoxy rather than free journalistic expression, considered this the last straw.

“It meant that not only does this media outlet not provide the editorial freedom to other journalists, as I had so hopefully envisioned seven years ago, but now no longer even provides it to me. In the days heading into a presidential election, I am somehow silenced from expressing any views that random editors in New York find disagreeable, and now somehow have to conform my writing and reporting to cater to their partisan desires and eagerness to elect specific candidates,” Greenwald wrote.

Greenwald envisioned The Intercept in 2013 and helped launch the outlet in 2014, pushing the Edward Snowden leaks. According to the launch article, “a primary function of The Intercept is to insist upon and defend our press freedoms from those who wish to infringe them.”

Yet even Greenwald, the outlet’s co-founder, faced censorship for his desire to buck the stifling legacy media trend of burying the Joe Biden bombshells.

“It is astonishing to me, but also a reflection of our current discourse and illiberal media environment, that I have been silenced about Joe Biden by my own media outlet,” he wrote at Substack.