White supremacy is an idea.

America doesn’t have a problem with “white supremacists” -America has a problem with Antifa & BLM.

Antifa & BLM are terrorists who burn whole cities, loot shops & murder people. This is a communist insurgency. The hysterical frenzy about ‘denouncing white supremacy’ is communist bait & switch deception strategy, also known as gaslighting.

White Supremacists are the best people

Adolf Hitler.

There has been a spot of bother since the first televised Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Creepy Joe Biden over whether or not Donald Trump has disavowed White Supremacy.

Marxists claim that Donald Trump is a White Supremacist, repeatedly demand that he disavow White Supremacy and White Supremacists, and that he represents everything wrong with America; centuries of institutional racism and white privilege which they are determined to destroy.

Conservatives have accurately pointed out that Donal Trump has indeed disavowed White Supremacy, that the Proud Boys are not a White Supremacist organisation, that Marxist and Anarchist terrorist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter are responsible for mass violence and destruction in American cities, and that black on white crime is far more prevalent than white on black, yet the media focuses solely on latter.

None of this matters. It is a deliberate distraction.

The fact is, White Supremacy is good, honest, and perfectly in tune with the natural order of the universe ordained by God.

White people, Aryan people, Scythian people, Gothic people, Nordic people, European people, Anglos, Saxons, Celts, however you want to label us, we are the best people on the planet.

Our ancestors are responsible for founding the most advanced civilisation currently known to man. Our ancestors are responsible for the foundation of every advanced civilisation which has ever existed on Earth. We found civilisations, then time and again we allow our blood to be diluted and it is left to honest researchers to discover the clues to our previous greatness. Modern academics instead credit the civilisations dotted across the world as being the product of the people living there currently. In doing so they deny us our history.

It is good to be honest. Sometimes honesty leads to problems but they are always less severe than the problems wrought through dishonesty. Being honest about the supremacy of white people is good. It creates problems currently for those who are jealous, for parasites, and even for ourselves as it can incur the wrath of the state. Regardless, saying that white people are supreme is a simple statement of fact.

It is the natural order of the universe for the strong to dominate. The further a system deviates from the natural order, the more unbalanced it becomes. The natural order has a habit of reasserting itself, sometimes pleasantly, sometimes unpleasantly, so it is best to adhere to it as closely as possible.

This is an honest definition of White Supremacy. It does not imply hatred or violence to other races, but honestly affirms our love for our own people and our respect for the natural order. Nor is it adopting the language of our enemies to call ourselves White Supremacists, because we are indeed the strongest tribe.

Marxists actually define White Supremacy as white people existing.

Thus their stated opposition to White Supremacy is actually a cowardly concealment of their true aim, which is the genocide of all white people.

Therefore, it is not simply good to be a White Supremacist.

It is your duty to be a White Supremacist.