If their victory was guaranteed, their censorship wouldn’t be necessary

And just like that… they permanently banned the President of the United States.

Twitter permanently bans Donald Trump from its platform, citing ‘risk of further incitement of violence’

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Censoring other people’s points of view never ends well.

“How is it we allowed the left to control our media, tech companies, education systems, entertainment and every aspect of thought control available?” #Orwell1984

Welcome to Quid Pro Joe’s America.

One thought on “If their victory was guaranteed, their censorship wouldn’t be necessary”

  1. Everyone wants to avoid risky responsibilities, and to retain their rightful rewards. This is rational, as everyone hates being attacked first.

    But while sane people only want the “Freedom!” to be left alone, insane, paranoid masochist hypocrite criminals, presuming that they live in an attack-and-be-attacked world where being left alone is impossible, then demand that their “inevitable” attackers must take the fullest responsibility and totally enslave them by telling them all the rules up front and in micro-managing detail, thus fulfilling Rousseau’s total “social contract” version where one gives up all of both one’s rights and responsibilities to the government state, and it in exchange gives up none of its own rights and responsibilities to you. That’s the main difference between “divisive” individualists, and “Submissive” conformists.

    And it is the same difference as between people who honestly accept personal responsibility for them selves, and those whose dishonest hypocritical desire is to blame and force other people to support them.

    it’s the difference between accepting “risky”, potentially painful self-reliant free-will chosen responsibility, and pretending to be so scared and at the mercy of one’s own fears that one hopes to force others to accept one’s false right to avoid them forever, while pretending only unearned expressions of hope can conquer painful fear.

    Unfortunately, right now, even in our “Democracies,” these enslaving conformists get to vote to oppress individualists, and, because the individualists feel they must defer the governing of them selves and others, as in arresting charging trying convicting and sentencing criminals, to other people “in government” simply because they are too busy literally minding their own businesses by working for their own livings, they defer same to conformists who have nothing better to do than to oppressively organize against them!

    Agan: right now, “Government,” even when it doesn’t goes beyond acting as an insurance company, is still immoral because of its positivist (attack-first) coercive if-you-live-her-you-can’t-opt-out policies where the politicians reserve the false right to act as your substitute or surrogate decision makers to decide and do any and or every thing they want, where and when ever, to you as long as they can pretend to do things for you.

    And when you agree to defer to let them re-present your thinking, you at least tacitly admit that thinking for you isn’t a very high priority even to and for your self.

    Therefore, governments are usually only collections of self-serving hacks who most often pass laws involving trillions of dollars of other people’s money, which are written by lobbyists and cronies, without ever even bothering to read them.

    In fact, they’re best-known for building up huge control infrastructures with other people’s tax dollars, then deliberately degrading them by making them bloated and inefficient, in order to sell them off at cheap fire-sale prices to their own corporate sponsors, so they can then retire in luxury in make-work do-nothing jobs on said sponsors’ boards of directors.

    Few have any historical perspective, because they don’t care about other people’s past traditions or laws written by others before they came along. As professional hypocrites, they hold that they don’t have to obey any laws, because they’re the ones who write them, and their emotions are morals and opinions facts.

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