Debunking Socialist Lies: Part 2

Debunking Socialist Lies: Part 2

As promised, John Stossel continues to debunk the lies — or to put it nicely, myths — that prop up socialism:

3. Socialism brings good things if it’s democratic socialism.

If there is no economic freedom, there is no political freedom. That’s why they want to ban independent employment. The word “democratic” is as phony as the word “liberation” in the context of left-wing politics.

4. Socialism does work well in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia, like Cuba, has been moving away from socialism — not that it was ever completely socialist.

5. Socialism is completely different from fascism.

Effectively, fascism is a form of socialism. The actual name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Fascism is socialism that works more efficiently because it allows limited ownership. Like all forms of socialism, it is incompatible with freedom and dignity.

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  1. The term ‘Democratic Socialism’ has now been totally misrepresented, largely through the wilful ignorance of many young people now parroting the term. Marx and Lenin both argued that violent revolution was necessary to bring about the Socialist State, Lenin famously stating that ‘violence is the mid wife of every old society pregnant with the new.’ The democratic socialist, on the other hand, believes that revolution and violence are unnecessary, as the socialist objectives can all be achieved through democratic means. That’s it. The term ‘Democratic Socialism’ does not refer to a kinder, gentler version of socialism.

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