The cure is worse than the virus

The “worlds climate czar”

Bill Gates on Climate Change: 2050 the ‘Soonest Realistic Date’ for the World to Change

Gates on Global Warming: 2050 the ‘Soonest Realistic Date’ for World to Change

Who elected this creep to be king of the world?

Profiles in Ecohypocrisy: Bill Gates

The truth about social engineer Bill Gates, who sees fit to tell the rest of us about the sacrifices we must make for the sake of the climate (including eating synthetic meat), is that he is an ecohypocrite extraordinaire:


On behalf of Earth’s plant life, let’s thank Gates for all the beneficial CO2 he has been emitting. Unfortunately, the influence of zillionaire moonbats like himself on government policy has been less beneficial.

Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine

It’s just a jab, they tell us. People die from this. This experiment must be rejected by everyone.

UK: Gym, Haircuts, and Pubs Still Off the Table After Expected Lockdown Relaxation

One thought on “The cure is worse than the virus”

  1. Comrade kommissar Xi Obiden (CPUSA) did have a Freudian slip where he said that the cure would be worse.
    No one elected eugenicist depopulation freak Billy Gates but who will stop him?

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