Popish Psychobabble Meets Taqiyya in Iraq

Pope meets Ayatollah Sistani in Iraq, repeats the usual comforting fictions about Islam

Pope Francis to Iraqis: Hate Is the ‘Greatest Blasphemy’

“Peace does not demand winners or losers, but rather brothers and sisters” Pope Francis urges Iraq’s Muslims and Christians to unite for peace

“Christian citizens should live like all Iraqis in peace and security, and with their full constitutional rights” – Iraq’s Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Another steaming pile of taqiyya from a shiite headbanger. Al Sistani knows very well that kuffars have no constitutional rights under the sharia. Al Sistani prides himself in never having shaken the hand of a kuffar & you can look up his website where you find “Kafir” among the cadavers of pigs & sweat of an excrement-eating animal.

The great deceiver is turning into the great Satan:

3 thoughts on “Popish Psychobabble Meets Taqiyya in Iraq”

  1. Re: “Pope Francis to Iraqis: Hate Is the ‘Greatest Blasphemy'” – “Holy” Hate for Allah’s Sake (Wala bara) says otherwise, Popie!

    “Smile to their faces, but keep the blackest hatred for them in your heart.”

    Sure, what could possibly go wrong?!


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