NZ: “Don’t listen to anyone else. Trust us. We will we be your single source of thruth!”

New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, an avowed communist, channels Orwell.

‘Single Source of Truth’ from the mouth of the beast.

Canadian researchers have mapped out how AstraZeneca can trigger “rare” but at times FATAL blood clotting reaction in some people Possibility of blood clots is REAL

France: Toyboy Macron Channels Napoleon

Large numbers of people demonstrated in France on Wednesday to protest against Emmanuel Macron‘s announcements on the health passes, vaccination and dictatorship, according to figures from the authorities. In all, 53 demonstrations took place in several cities in France.

The media tries to downplay the protests. Reality is  that through entire #France people were protesting against the tyrannical Macron.

In France, people are protesting the announcement of a vaccine passport by the Macron government. The pass would restrict access to restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, trains, and planes. Vaccines will also be made mandatory for healthcare workers.

One thought on “NZ: “Don’t listen to anyone else. Trust us. We will we be your single source of thruth!””

  1. If You Are A Caucasian (aka … White Australian)
    • When You Encounter A COMPROMISED Male/Female/It Authority” – only in their own minds (aka … politician judiciary (DEFINITELY includes police) bureaucrat and/or academic – and soon probably ADF personnel) …
    • When You Encounter An islam Invader … (aka … (always yelling) I Kill Everyone Including Me) …
    • When you Encounter A Diversifier (aka … A Coloured Freebie “Entitled” [not] & Past/Present/Future Whitey Killer) !

    Be Aware, Very Aware What Their Intention Towards You Is !!!
    (HOW.TO.RECOGNISE: Among Many Other Things -They are racial projectionists … (aka … it’s whiteys fault))

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