The Cubans Had Enough

A bright good morning to all you patriots out there. We will update you on the Cuba situation as it progresses.

I wish the Cubans the best but GOP politicians tweeting about Cuba while we are losing our freedoms here is peak cringe.

As left tries really hard to turn America into Cuba.

Cubans trying really hard to turn Cuba into America.

The Babylon Bee nails it:

3 thoughts on “The Cubans Had Enough”

    1. Hired scribblers are the running dogs of the leftist establishment.

      They are generally ignorant, clueless, without ethics or morals, and come with an inbred learning disability.

      I used to think it was lack of courage & intellectual curiosity, but for the most part, they are just dumb.

      That’s why I always use the word ‘journaille’, concocted from ‘Journalist’ & the French ‘racaille’, which means rabble.

  1. One little silver lining on the dark horizon of the globalist’s genocidal push of the 💉 💉 💉 :
    Stupid leftists will just love the stab and any follow up booster and this will improve the gene pool considerably.

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