Australians will have “to learn to live with the virus, not live in fear of the virus.”

George Christensen condemned Victorian Police for shooting rubber bullets at protesters attending a peaceful freedom rally over the weekend.

His protests to parliament appear to be getting through.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison echoed Christensen in a press conference on Tuesday.

Announcing a shift in governmental approaches to the CCP-19 virus, Morrison restated Christensen, telling reporters that Australians will have “to learn to live with the virus, not live in fear of the virus.

The message is not getting through to the coppers, not yet:

As police hunt down protesters photographed at anti-lockdown rallies, activists are turning the tables, posting the names and images of police online, threatening retribution.

Resisting Police Brutality

The actual header from the Oz is “Anti-lockdown extremists hunt cops” which is a cowardly attempt to smear the resistance.  So far unhinged cops have been smashing up unarmed protestors. 

‘Thousands can’t comply’: Frontline workers plead for vaccine deadline extension

Thousands of frontline workers within Sydney’s COVID-19 hotspots may be locked out of employment from Monday as unions and peak bodies plead with the NSW government to ease the fast-approaching vaccination deadline.

Victoria, where lunatics run the asylum

Let Freedom Ring, Australian Member of Parliament George Christensen Takes a Stand

Last Refuge

From what I can tell this Australian MP, George Christensen, is disliked down-under in the same way that Marjorie Taylor Greene is disliked in the U.S. House of Representatives.  That is to say, his expressions on behalf of common sense freedom appear to be opposed by all political parties, including his own. [Website Here]

Regardless of his controversial labeling, what Mr. Christensen outlines in this brief statement before Parliament is the first time I have witnessed common sense pushback to the abject insanity happening in Australia {Go Deep}.  WATCH:

I hope to see George Christensen’s tribe increase.  Good Luck….

George lives in the North Queensland city of Mackay where he was born, raised and educated. George is serving his fourth term as an Australian Member of Parliament for the Dawson electorate, Queensland. He is an advocate for traditional Australian values and culture. He stands up for his region and fights for local jobs.” [Website]