Tens of thousands of Afghans hauled up in Ramstein airbase, Germany

Astonishing photos show how US military has turned a two-mile RUNWAY at Ramstein Air Base in Germany into tent city to house thousands of Afghan evacuees before flying them to their new homes in America

A two-mile-long runway at Ramstein Air Base in south west Germany is pictured on Monday covered in tents, used to house Afghan evacuees who were transported out of Kabul and are awaiting the next stage of their journey

  • Ramstein Air Base in south west Germany has received around a fifth of all people evacuated from Kabul by the U.S. military
  • As of September 1 almost 12,000 evacuees had left the base, while another 14,900 remained. Twelve babies have been born on the base so far
  • Since August 20, about 106 planes have landed there – mostly C-17s – carrying U.S. citizens and vulnerable Afghans
  • Under the U.S. agreement with their German hosts, refugees can only remain on the base for 10 days before being evacuated to their next destination
  • For most this involves a flight to Philadelphia or Washington DC, before onward transport to their final resettlement destination
  • On Wednesday Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State, will arrive at Ramstein to see the operations there for himself 

Afghan evacuees are pictured on August 30 at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Under the U.S. agreement with Germany, evacuees can remain on the base for no longer than 10 days

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