UK Tyranny Firmly Established

Cackles of Tyranny: MPs Laugh as They Nod Through UK COVID Emergency Powers Extension Without Vote

UK MPs had the opportunity to end this abuse of state power by voting against yet another six-month extension of the Coronavirus Act.

Instead, the majority of MPs seem to treat this almost unprecedented erosion of liberty as one massive joke.

They will try to render themselves unimpeachable & unaccountable for this despicable imperial behaviour… .. all in the name of “safety”

Delingpole: UK Parliament ‘Not In the Mood’ to Revoke Tyranny

Members of the House of Commons, including a Deputy Speaker, were seen laughing as they extended emergency coronavirus powers for the government without an official vote.

The Coronavirus Act, which was pushed through Parliament last year, has been extended for another six months, after previously being renewed in March.

The bizarre scene was criticised by Reform UK leader Richard Tice who said that it demonstrated a “disgraceful prevention of democracy by our own House of Commons.”


#NotInTheMood is trending on UK Twitter. And understandably so. “Not in the mood” was the truly nauseating phrase used by the Deputy Speaker in parliament in order laughingly to explain why our elected representatives could scarcely be bothered to vote on some of the most dangerous legislation in British parliamentary history.

The Coronavirus Act gives the Boris Johnson regime sweeping powers to do whatever the hell it likes under the pretext that Britain is experiencing a health crisis so catastrophic it justifies government by fiat.


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  1. They should drop out of the coalition, form an alliance with Australia United and force an election.

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