Covid Panic in Germany, Austria, Italy & Czech Republic

The unvaxxed are the pariahs of the NWO & the Great Reset.

Pure bloods must not be allowed to escape.

Germany’s 14MN unvaxxed adults may be hit by COVID restrictions

Germany is about to lock down everyone. Vaxxed or unvaxxed, whatever insane BS they can get away with.

After you watch that insane propaganda for an experimental mRNA goo, please remember the following:

More people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine than the company publicly reported

Pfizer told the world 15 people who received the vaccine in its trial had died as of mid-March. Turns out the real number then was 21, compared to only 17 deaths in people who hadn’t been vaccinated.

Italian Governors Call For Unvaccinated to be Put Under Lockdown

Czech Republic to also ban unjabbed from numerous venues.

Slovakia will vote tomorrow on banning the unvaccinated from non-essential shops, hotels, big public gatherings, gyms and swimming pools.

Five Italian Governors have called for lockdown measures to be imposed on the unvaccinated, following the example of Austria, while Czech Republic and Slovakia are also moving to enforce similar measures.

Germany Preparing to Impose Austria-Style Lockdown on the Unvaccinated

No jab, no social life.

Germany is preparing to follow the example of Austria by imposing new lockdown measures that will exclusively apply to the unvaccinated.

French Grossly Exaggerate Threat of COVID

Falsely believe infection to death ratio to be over 16 per cent.

The shocking results of the poll illustrate how “governments and media have catastrophically failed to educate the population about Covid correctly.”

Previously, in 2012

“For three years, Pfizer Italy employees provided free cell phones, photocopiers, printers and televisions to doctors, arranged for vacations (such as “weekend in Gallipoli,” “weekend with companion” and “weekend in Rome”) and even made direct cash payments (under the guise of lecture fees and honoraria) in return for promises by doctors to recommend or prescribe Pfizer’s products.

Today, the New York headquarters of the pharmaceutical giant has agreed to pay a total of $60.2 million in penalties to settle the documented charges of bribery.”

Violation tracker:

Most doctors are just shills for big pharma
They are frothing att the mouth with power ecstasy
During this fak3 pandemic
Most in lockstep with the propaganda
Too incompetent to read any relevant research
Any dissenting voices excluded ….
They love this pandemic power grab
Feeds into their omni god ego images of themselves
Big pharma has 7 figure salaried psychopaths doing everythin
From designing blood pressure machines to make sure a majority
Of people record high blood pressure and need big pharma meds
To designing the charts for cholesterol to ensure doctors fill their quotas of cholesterol lowering meds
Just these 2 alone bring in billions
Most doctors don’t like clients who ask questions or challenge their position, let alone the major insult of asking for a referral for a second opinion