Is this the end of the ScoMo gubbermint?

There are rumours on end that there is something cooking. In the next couple of days we will see if something materialises.

Scott Morrison started believing in #Freedom when he realised it was an election issue. He should believe in #Freedom because he’s the man responsible for protecting the human rights of Australians.

NSW Premier Perrottet breaks promise on unvaccinated opening date

Freedom for unvaccinated citizens has been pushed back to December 15 while the vaccinated re-opening roadmap is accelerated to November 8.

Despite promising for months that unvaccinated citizens in New South Wales would have their freedoms returned to them on December 1, the New South Wales premier has confirmed last week’s rumour that this date will be pushed back to December 15 (or 95%).

Australian premiers refuse to talk about the #covid19 situation in #Israel #Gibraltar #Iceland and other near-fully vaccinated countries. 90%+ vaccination isn’t stopping transmission. Cases and hospitalizations are rising. We deserve to hear what their plan is for Australia.

Scott Morrison demands states drop Covid jab mandates and says unvaccinated Aussies MUST be allowed into pubs and restaurants

  • Queensland will introduce jab passports to enter hospitality venues next month
  • Scott Morrison has said jab mandates should not be in place to enter venues 
  • Mandatory jabs should only apply to healthcare workers, he said on Thursday
  • It comes as Prime Minister faces pressure from pro-choice MPs in his party 
Scott Morrison demands rouge states drop vaccine mandates
Scott Morrison demands rouge states drop vaccine mandates

Scott Morrison has said vaccine mandates to enter pubs and cafes should not be in place after states reach the 80 per cent vaccination threshold.

While NSW will drop vaccine passports on December 15, Queensland will introduce them to enter hospitality venues on December 17 and Victoria has vowed to keep jab requirements in place well into next year. 

In other news:

Where did the media learn to count? Half a million show up in Melbourne and they’re like ‘a small, fringe group’.