Heart Attacks Are Blamed On Weed

Australia is turning into Absurdistan

Huge Increase In Teens Having Heart Attacks Is Blamed On Weed

The talking head uses the ‘f’-word too often, but the message is clear:

Remember when they used to assure us how safe and medicinal marijuana is? Weird that suddenly it causes heart attacks right when primo athletes are dying on the field after being injected with experimental gene therapy that causes their own hearts to produce pathogenic spike proteins that their own immune systems attack.

Lewis Brackpool shares a tip that was sent to Rebel News from a British Airways flight attendant who, while in Barbados for work, had a pair of bracelets placed on their wrist. One, a red band, marked the flight attendant as being from an “at-risk country.” The other, a white band, is a tracking device, used to monitor the individuals location to make certain they are adhering to quarantine requirements.

FULL REPORT from Lewis Brackpool: https://rebelne.ws/3wDAup6

A Chemist Describes His Wife’s Major Adverse Reaction After Her COVID Vaccine | The Megyn Kelly Show

The more things change, the more they stay the same:

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  1. Funny … but doesn’t weed LOWER blood pressure – and isn’t that why it’s used to treat glaucoma, for instance?


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