Big Pharma, Big Tech, Censorship & Fraudci

“I don’t think anyone has hurt science… more than Dr. Fauci.”

Ted Cruz Tells Sean Hannity Why Dr. Fraudci MUST BE PROSECUTED

Qualified doctors, virologists & immunologists with years of experience can’t debate or fully share potentially life saving knowledge on Social Media because a 20 year old moderator with pink hair might not approve of their opinions and ban them.

This is the world we live in now.

“Buy my protection, or else…”

Greece will FINE anyone aged over 60 and unvaxxed EUR100 a month.

That’s what we’d expect from our governments: clarity, objectivity, justice, respect for the individuals, clear information. But unfortunately what we have seen is authoritarian and arbitrary irrational decisions that harm us all.

Thousands currently gathered at parliament House in Perth, Australia

They protest against covid mandates. Many who have already lost their jobs because of it, place down their uniforms.