The cure is far worse than the virus

This morning, while shopping at Woolies, I was also accosted by a uniformed Karen who insisted I put a mask on. I just told her “I’m outta here” and left the place.

But this here is taking it to the next level:

She *spits* on a man & slaps him while screaming “put your mask on”. The mask cultists are insane.

Attack of the Covid Karen

Don’t expect Christmas spirit from Covid Karens. They are not to be distracted by anything so frivolous when they are focused on preventing the spread of disease by spitting on strangers for not obeying senseless mask mandates:

This could offer some insight into who votes for politicians known for imposing tyrannical Covid policies that they themselves flout.

Masks on airline flights serve little purpose other than to signal mindless compliance. The air is so thoroughly filtered that inside an airplane is probably the safest indoor public place you could find in terms of airborne viruses — unless a Covid Karen starts spitting in your face.