2 thoughts on “Tucker interviews Alex Antic”

  1. MEMO: Australia’s (so called) “authorities” … (aka … politicians bureaucrats judiciary (w)academics and all their knowing associates)

    Australia’s Citizens Have Come To Realise That You Have Been Compromised/Blackmailed By Your Private Activities Or Are Just Plain Criminal In Nature.

    To End This Criminal Compromised/Blackmailed Activity – You Are Requested To Present Yourselves For Incarceration To Your Nearest Police Or Military Establishment Where You Will Be Processed According To Your Compromised Actions.

    If This Advice Is Not Followed It Will Be Taken As Your Refusal To Plead Guilty To Your Compromised/Blackmailed Crimes Which Are Fully Documented And On Public Record.

    Irrespective Of Your Compliance … The Incarceration & Processing Of You For Your Knowingly Criminal Activity Will Proceed.

    So You Help – To Create The Better World.
    (fat chance of that ever happening … but at least you have been asked and offered the opportunity) !

  2. Opposition politicians who don’t have COVID are being forced out of our parliaments in Canada, too.

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