Pfizer boss spills the beans, sez ‘two shots provide limited protection, if any…’

Pfizer boss says two doses provide ‘limited protection, if any’ against Omicron

Pfizer’s chief executive has revealed that two doses of the current Covid-19 vaccine offer “very limited protection, if any” against Omicron.

Pfizer made a copyright claim to have video footage removed from social media which captured Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla saying: “Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection, if any. Three doses with a booster offer reasonable protection.”
Mysteriously, it reappeared before it disappeared again & again.


WTF did I just watch?

There was no Covid in the Territory until they let the vaxxed in. Now there are heaps.

Quebec to impose health tax on unvaccinated Canadians

The Canadian province of Quebec will charge a health tax to residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19.

Quebec, which has seen the highest number of Covid-related deaths in Canada, is currently struggling with a surge in cases.

How do these dipshitz get these ideas?

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Paul calls Fraudci a ‘Political Animal’ — Actions Are to ‘Further His Political Agenda, Not the Science’

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