Woketards Never Won a War

Biden administration is ‘captured by wokeness’: Dan Hollaway

Russia-Ukraine an ‘incredibly dangerous’ war: Glenn Greenwald

Tucker: This is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden

Tucker told viewers that America has had two historic foreign policy debacles in under a year in Friday’s opening monologue.

Joe Rogan takes on Bill Gates:

Woke equals stupid. No one is impressed with this crap.

In the Biden White House, white supremacy and climate change are STILL the biggest threats to National Security.

The enemedia are primitive swine. They always have been. Will they ever change?

And just like that, we are all focused on Russia, not covid. All the restrictions will be lifted, the real data will come out and nothing will be done about it.

We must not let them get away with it.

Don’t listen to this crazy guy. He’s just a conspiracy theorist:

He wants to fight? Really. Spiccoli wants to fight. Go for it, mate!

Who else is there?

Tucker Carlson: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden