Canada: Trucks are the enemy for Canada’s dictator

Unvaccinated” people cannot leave Canada without a private jet, and this has been the situation for the last six months. If you’re a Canadian and you’re not totally stupid, it should terrify you.

Anyone who remembers Canada before it was communist should probably write down all those memoirs on paper and bury them somewhere safe.

Full show:

Trucks are the enemy. Trucks threaten Trudeau. They must be taxed out of existence:

If you are unvaccinated would you join a class action lawsuit against the Canadian government for their abuse of power, and discrimination against the unvaccinated?

In Justin Trudeau Canada, government tells you when you can protest, where you can protest, how long you can protest for, and when you have to stop protesting. They then look to press criminal charges against you, and seize your assets for protesting. #OhCanada

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