China Unleashes Covid Terror Against People of Shanghai

China is implementing a phased lockdown of its largest city this week as part of the country’s draconian “zero-COVID” strategy to try to rein in the largest coronavirus surge since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Wu Zunyou, an infectious disease expert at China’s Center for Disease Control, said this week that China will try to “achieve dynamic zero-COVID in the short term, as it is still the most economical and most effective prevention strategy against COVID-19.”

China Admits Shanghai Lockdown Causing ‘Doubt, Anxiety, and Fatigue’

Growing Defiance of China’s Coronavirus Restrictions Brings Wave of Arrests

Shanghai residents forced into lockdown

Residents are being forced out of their homes in Shanghai as the city enters its third week of COVID-19 lockdown.

Residential buildings are being turned into quarantine centres, as Shanghai records twenty thousand cases a day.

Those who test positive for COVID-19 are put into quarantine and required to wait for government drop-offs of food and water.

Residents are complaining about a lack of basic supplies and clashing with police and authorities.

‘Quite possible’ Shanghai lockdown will add to global supply chain pressures

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