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Mama Moonbat in Cuba

Anita Snow from AP calls treasonous Moonbats Cindy Sheehan and the rabid anti-war nuts that support her ‘Peace Activists’- but that is just one of many distortions and misrepresentations in this ‘WoT’…

Anyway: Mama Moonbat has landed in Cuba and intends to do what she does best: Smear the troops, diss America and blame B*U*S*H… what else? Ah, she will be marching on Gitmo, of course! To show the world the unjust and inhumane treatment of those who want you and me (and her pink brigades) dead. But such small details wouldn’t worry her:

Aussie Jihad in Somalia

Another ‘Harry the Taliban’ by the looks of it. He went out to kill and he was killed for Allah, but not to worry: 72 houris are lying in wait, not to forget the 24 boyz, like ‘pearls’…
Heaven knows why stupid infidels allowed him into Australia, have given him welfare, housing, Medicare and what not, in the hope to turn this Somali savage into a human being. But it looks like the Muhammedan call to murder, “Allahu Akhbar’ attracts the jihadi’s just like meat attracts cats when you leave it outside:,20867,2102

And for those who would have you believe that Islamic jihad- terror has ‘nothing to do with the religion of Islam’ here are the jihadists telling you that the opposite is true:

Vermin v/s Scum: Human Shields Wanted!

Barely a month ago you had Christian nutcrackers, ‘human shields’ – useful idiots,- aiding and abetting terrorists by occupying the rooftops of the terrorists houses in Gaza, having tea-parties with the multiple wifes and children of Hamas-assassins and the MSM, in order to prevent the IDF from taking them out. Where are these nutroots now?

Infighting spreads to West Bank

The last thing you want is interference. Give the ‘Religion of Peace’ a chance:

Chaos on Gaza streets expands to West Bank with shootings in Jenin, kidnappings in Nablus, Ramallah. PA security official: Hamas hoarding firearms in preparation for standoff with Fatah….,7340,L-3349101,00.html

$86.4 Million to Terrorists?

Try to make sense of this:
The US government plans to transfer $86.4 million to the security forces of embattled Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in the coming days, senior Washington officials said on Friday.

According to the officials, the funds will be earmarked to beef up the security around Abbas, and to fund the PA Chairman’s stated commitment to to dismantling the terrorist infrastructure within the Palestinian cities.

PA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh met with Abbas on Thursday night to discuss a solution to the current inter-faction violence after a day of clashes between Hamas and Fatah loyalists left eight Palestinians dead…

Read it and weep…

Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam Update

A message from the indomitable Fjordman:

Hello from Fjordman. More news from Eurabia:
Islamopop star Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, gets awarded a prestigeous Eurabian prize:

Yusuf Islam is to be awarded the Mediterranean Prize for Peace today
January 4, 2007 in Naples, Italy. Yusuf is being awarded the prestigious award as a result of the work he has done to increase peace in the world. The Mediterranean Prize has sections for Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity and Architecture. The prize is assigned each year to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic worlds that contributed with their actions to reduce tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean.

In 1997 the Fondazione Mediterraneo funded the Mediterranean Prize (with its sections: Peace, Culture, Art, Diplomacy, Institutions, Social Promotion, Information, Literature, Cinema, Creativity, Architecture and Silver Dolphin). It is yearly assigned to personalities of political, cultural, and artistic world that contributed with their action to reduce the tensions and begin an upgrading process of cultural differences and shared values in the area of the Greater Mediterranean. In 2005 the Fondazione Mediterraneo in partnership with the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures decided to launch a special category of the ‘Mediterranean Award’ entitled The Euro Mediterranean Award for the Dialogue Between Cultures.

Cat Stevens Refuses to Denounce Hamas

Sheik Yer’mami sez:

If those Euro-dhimmies had the faintest clue about what kind of ‘peace’ Yusuf Islam has in store for them, they would not even consider giving him a golden shower.

The question is what does it take to shake these fools up, to get them into action mode and make them aware of what’s happening around them?

Radical Islamic Nutbag Whines, Finds Sympathy

…from moonbat Australian journo Martin Chulov, who presents ‘firebrand’ Sheik Feiz Mohammed like some kind of sympathetic figure who is unjustly persecuted. If the Sheiks terror connections weren’t all that well known it wouldn’t be as ridiculous as it sounds, from the Australian:,20867,21017


While Sheik Mohammed weasels and whines, some of his followers are doing what they must: Wage jihad against the infidel nation state of Australia:,21985,21017005-662,00.html