Bridges to Islam

ABC BS: Religions building bridges instead of walls

 Sayyid Qutb explained:

“The chasm between Islam and Jahiliyyah [the society of unbelievers] is great, and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other, but only so that the people of Jahiliyyah may come over to Islam.”

Got it?  Bridges are really just proselytizing mechanisms to convert unbelievers to Islam, not  to engage in genuine dialogue.

How real is “Islamophobia”- an ‘irrational’ fear of Islam?

Tonight on Sunday Night a converstation about one of the undercurrents of public discussion in Australia – Islamophobia, fear of Islam. …

Story and podcast at ABC Sunday Nights thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Australia Just Kicked Islamic Terrorists Right Where It Counts, No Holding Back
Australia just made two bold new moves, effectively infuriating Muslims and their liberal sympathisers.–MADWORLDNEWS.COM

UK Muslims Launch Manifesto at House of Lords

The Muslims have  (also) established a political wing in the U.S. . Millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to implement it.

Lord Nazir Ahmed stressed that Muslims were not asking for special treatment in elections.

“Muslims are not saying that we want special treatment, all we’re asking for is equal treatment. We want to be part of British society… To live peacefully, without being demonized on a daily basis,” he said.

If you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

See more at: Pamela Geller

British Universities Are Complicit 

With the identification of ‘Jihadi John’ this week as one Mohammed Emwazi, much focus has been given to his numerous apologists. Not least have been the representatives of the ‘CAGE’ activist group. As Maajid Nawaz and Mehrdad Amanpour have both complained, this platform given to them by journalists effectively normalises jihadist narratives in the media and wider society.

More from the Religion of Peace:

Anti-Semitism Grows with Muslim Population  (Molschky)

“Where there is a high concentration of Muslims, there is more violence against Jews.”

The Media and the ‘Prophet’  (Islam Watch)

Western journalists are increasingly referring to Muhammad as a ‘prophet’ and the Quran as ‘holy’ as if these are facts.

Mullah Krekar on Islam and Punishment  (Live Leak)

(Video) The Norwegian government portrays him as a crackpot, but the Mullah – whom they will not deport – seems quite rational and straightforward.

Cartoon Rage in Nazareth

Here we go again: mass-beheadings, mass-executions by ISIL, Boko Haram or any of the myriad of other groups of  Muslim assassins are being ignored, but when you say people have a right to see what a Charlie Hebdo cartoon looks like the soldiers of allah go apeshit:

Thousands of Israeli Arabs protest in Nazareth against Charlie Hebdo ruling

High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday political parties could distribute controverisal magazine

i24newsi24news“Israeli right-wing party Yisrael Beiteinu is planning to publicly display copies of the special issue printed by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo”

Thousands of Israeli Arabs marched Saturday in the northern Israeli city of Nazareth in protest over the decision by the Israeli Supreme Court to allow the distribution of the controversial Charlie Hebdo magazine, which publishes cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

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CNN’s ‘religion expert’ has absolutely NO IDEA why ISIS is targeting Christians

And Ammanpour hasn’t got the faintest idea of what’s on that painting in her apartment:


Affirmative Action is part of the dumbing down of America.

The Right Scoop

CNN hired Obery Hendricks to comment on why ISIS might be targeting Christians. He’s a professor of biblical interpretation at the New York Theological Seminary. And the best he can come up with is “animosity.” Yeah, thanks genius.

Watch below. You’re gonna love this one.

Dude seriously starts with, “y’know, it’s hard to tell…” and breathes with exasperation as if he’s really, really, really struggling to use every ounce of his brain power to try to figure out what possible reason these Islamist terrorists might target Christians. It’s really hard to tell!

I mean I hate to even address his idiotic observations, but just because ISIS is incapable of killing every Christian doesn’t mean that they’re aiming to murder Christians isn’t genocide. And just because there are way more lines in the Koran that aren’t about violence doesn’t mean that the Koran couldn’t be the motivation for the murders. Who hires these people?!

I would suggest you watch the advertisements then you know who finances CNN. And did you ever pay attention to how many CNN types are actually Mohammedans?
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Teach non-Muslims to reject free Qurans ‘politely’, interfaith body told

Rejecting the da’awa could hurt the feelings of righteous believers. That must not be allowed  in Malaysia.

The proselytisation of non-Islamic religions to Muslims is an offence in Malaysia, but not vice-versa.

Teach non-Muslims to reject free Qurans ‘politely’, interfaith body told 

MRM president Firdaus Wong Wai Hung criticised MCCBCHST’s recent outcry over the free Quran project mooted by the Islamic Information and Services (IIS) Foundation. — Picture by Choo Choy MayMRM president Firdaus Wong Wai Hung criticised MCCBCHST’s recent outcry over the free Quran project mooted by the Islamic Information and Services (IIS) Foundation. — Picture by Choo Choy MayKUALA LUMPUR, March 1 — Despite denying any hand behind the alleged distribution of free Qurans to non-Muslims, an Islamic evangelical group said non-believers should be taught to politely reject the holy texts instead of responding aggressively.

The Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) said the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MCCBCHST), the country’s largest interfaith body, should not have taken such a combative stance when reacting to the free Quran project by another Muslim group.

Instead, the MCCBCHST should have focused on mending strained ties between Muslims and non-Muslims here, and encouraging the latter community to learn more about Islam and issues pertaining to the religion, MRM president Firdaus Wong Wai Hung said.

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What more can we possibly do to make Muslims like us?

Massoud Shadjareh: Islamophobia leads to neo-Nazism

Muselmaniacs in the West say the dumbest shiite.

Please click on the image to enlarge!

Hezbollah Nazi Salute Lebanon

Massoud Shadjareh heads the Islamic Human Rights Commission based in London. The political commentator was interviewed by Press TV to discuss the rise of far-right groups across the Western society. …

More oxymoronity at PressTV thanks to Mullah, pbuh


The Halal Racket Has Nothing To Do With Exports


… it’s just that we all eat halal slaughtered meat whether we like it or not! (Part 9)

Purveyors of halal certification use this threat to the Federal Government: “If you politicians touch our halal certification gold mine then we will destroy your meat export markets and with them, Australian jobs.” And I guess that’s why Barnaby Joyce refuses to return my phone calls.

It’s an empty threat which has nothing to do with exports. Australian consumers suffering domestic halal bastardry couldn’t care less about export markets.

The halal furore is not about exporters, nor is it about export markets’ consumers. The white hot anger is from local supermarket customers paying an Islamic tax on their groceries and at their restaurants and takeaways.

These funds are used for the growth of Islam and are laundered through sham Islamic “charities” for political and other more nefarious causes.

The consumer is being milked at the checkout and treated as an ignorant infidel mug.

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Something is rotten in the state of Denmark …

No charges over Dane's 'Je suis Omar' comment

There have been various displays of apparent support for the Copenhagen gunman, including this group of young men who prayed at the spot where he died. Photo: Jens Astrup/Scanpix
No charges over Dane’s ‘Je suis Omar’ comment
 A Danish (Musel-)man whose Facebook comments appeared to back the gunman behind the deadly Copenhagen attacks will not face charges of condoning terrorism, a prosecutor said Thursday.

From the Baron @ Gates of Vienna:

A classmate of Mohammed Emwazi, a.k.a. “Jihadi John”, says the ISIS beheader’s behavior was never the same after he ran head-first into a goal post. Mr. Emwazi’s closest relatives have left their London home and say they want to change their names. Meanwhile, the former head of MI6 says there are thousands of potential jihad terrorists in Britain. Special Forces are reportedly on standby in case of an ISIS terror attack in the UK.

In other news, another wave of suicide bombings has killed at least 35 people in Nigeria.–Continue reading 

Denmark — Suggestion tabled for outright censorship in a proposed new anti-terror law–

by Liberty DK and GoV

7 cartoon_635596427750667106_mainDanes are to be legally blindfolded in the name of the war on terror.

In an article in today’s Danish daily newspaper MetroExpress, the following article can be found (see translation below). Apparently the Powers That Be cannot tell the difference between people sharing information about what is really happening in the world vs. actually inciting and wanting to engage in terror… which of course, to a rational person, clearly are two different things entirely. To this end they furthermore propose to use the child porn filter.

To sum it up: a person actively engaged in trying to warn the Western world about the numerous atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam would, by law, be put in the very same box as either a terrorist or a person inciting terror.

Oh… and the press would seem to be getting a free pass in this regard. We are apparently only to see those sanitized news blips the media chooses for us to see.

Sadly, what is even more absurd is that, according to an ongoing MetroExpress poll, most people agree.

Guess I’ll be going to the slammer!

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How is this not treason?

Rep. Andre Carson took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Does this sound like protecting the Constitution?

4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies

 Obama comes off as an adolescent punk far out of his league. But you can’t call him a failure:


Click for full size.

In the early days of the Fundamental Transformation, Rush Limbaugh took heat for hoping Obama failed. We would be passing along a vastly better country to the next generation if Rush’s hope had come true. (Moonbattery)


Austrian law “to promote an Islam with an Austrian character”

Whoever concocted that is clueless, and the Turkish wannabe ruler of Austria, Mehmet Görmez, makes it clear that “Islam is Islam and that’s it”. For him it just delays the takeover.

“The law will set Austria back 100 years”
No “diversity” is possible, says Mehmet


The head of Turkey’s religious authority, Mehmet Gormez, said the law would curb religious freedoms and would set back Austria 100 years.

For the Austrians, it is unlikely that the law will protect them from the Islamic conquest.

Turkish government officials throw hissy fits and scream “Islamophobia”, all the while proclaiming that “countries cannot have their own version of Islam.”

The so-called ‘Law on Islam’ bans foreign funding for Islamic organisations in the country, and orders any group claiming to represent Austrian Muslims to use a standardised German translation of the Qur’an.

New laws regulating the practice of Islam have been passed in Austria, in a move criticised by some as setting back religious freedom.

Austria Passes Reforms to 1912 Islam Law

by Soeren Kern

The new law, which the Austrian government says could serve as a model for the rest of Europe, seeks to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria. It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.

The Turkish government has expressed outrage at the financing ban, which it says amounts to “Islamophobia.”

“Countries cannot have their own version of Islam. Islam is universal and its sources are clear. … [E]fforts taken by state leaders to create a version of Islam that is particular to their own countries are futile.” — Mehmet Görmez, Head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate.

The massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appears irreversible. In Vienna, Muslim students already outnumber Catholic students at middle and secondary schools and are on the verge of overtaking Catholics in elementary schools.


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Britain keeps aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism

Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph

As Asim Qureshi, of the campaign group Cage, took to the airwaves to explain how Mohammed Emwazi, “Jihadi John”, was the real victim of recent events in Syria, you could almost hear the nation’s collective intake of breath.

Being turned back on his travels and questioned by the security services had, it seemed, left Emwazi with no alternative but to join Islamic State and behead seven innocent people. Further oppression by the UK’s apparatus of government terror included giving him a university education, his family a council flat and not actually arresting or detaining him for anything. (More by Esmerelda Weatherwax)


Anger as terrorism suspect linked to Jihadi John used Human Rights Act to stay in the UK

But even now, “authorities” are hiding the identity of this known terrorist. Why?

The Sunday Telegraph continues the information in the Guardian report earlier this evening.

An Al-Qaeda terrorism suspect closely connected to “Jihadi John” is living in London, having used the Human Rights Act to prevent the Government from deporting him. Court papers obtained by The Sunday Telegraph disclose that the man is at the centre of a terror network that included his friend and associate Mohammed Emwazi, who last week was unmasked as “Jihadi John”.

The legal documents show how the suspect, originally from Ethiopia, has resisted deportation despite being a leading member of al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda affiliate based in Somalia and responsible for a series of terrorist atrocities. (by Esmerelda Weatherwax)

click on image to enlarge
Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State extremist known as “Jihadi John”, was able to flee Britain and the scrutiny of the security services, despite being a member of a terror cell that was known to have links to the failed 21/7 attacks on London in 2005, the Observer can reveal. One leading member of …Read More…