The Barbary Pirates Were Jihad Warriors…

Not simply ‘pirates’…

it all falls into place if you learn about history, Islamic conquest, the constant raids over one and a half millennium etc. etc…. Do some close reading and understand the context:

With thanks to Eliyahu:

Islam divides the world into two parts geographically, Dar al-Islam where Islam and Islamic law [the Shari`ah] hold sway, and Dar al-Harb which is ruled by non-Muslims and is perforce in a permanent state of war [harb] with Dar al-Islam, as Muslims see things. Further, Islam sees only two nations in the world, the Nation of Islam, of Muslim believers [mu’iminun] and the nation of unbelievers [kufar], which includes the rest of the human race, no matter what their particular religion or sect or state of unbelief may be…

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Kudos to Shiva!

A long time blogger (and fellow counter-jihad warrior) by the name SHIVA deserves a mention here, just have a look at the excellent ‘ILLUSTRATED P.I.G. TO ISLAM” and read up on the Barbary wars 200 years ago, learn why Thomas Jefferson got America to build a Navy and why the US-government way back then decided ‘Everything for defence, not a penny for tribute’ in order to teach the Barbary pirates a lesson, (the ‘Algeriennes’ or ‘Musulmans’ who were terrorizing the West then just like they do now) to no longer conduct raids on merchant ships, enslave their crews and release them only after horrendous amounts of ransom money was paid.

Once again: This is a very old war which we are fighting, exactly 1400 years old and started by Mohammed himself. The constant raids against Europe over a millenium, the enslavement of more than a million white slaves mostly for the harems of the Sultans had to be stopped.

Congratualions Shiva, for a great blog and all the good work you are doing:

An Excellent Letter From A Blog In Australia

I am taking liberty to post this here (with your permission) Mr. Bolt:

Posted by Homefront of The Gap/Brisbane on Thu 28 Dec 06 at 02:19pm
Andrew and all here present,
In my experience this war is being lost on not only the military but the demographic and cultural front. For those of you who do not believe it read Ba’at Yeor’s “Eurabia”, Mark Steyn’s “America Alone”, Oriana Fallaci’s “The Rage and the Pride” and “While Europe Slept”. The latter was written by an openly gay Journalist who fled Americas supposed conservative American bigotry against Gay marriage to live in europe only to be subject to much dire immediate physical harm from the new europeans (muslim north africans) who are soon to overwhelm and dominate the continent demographically. These new europeans are more preoccupied with whether to kill or imprison homosexuals rather than whether to allow them to marry.

Within our lifetimes because of high immigration from the Islamic world, low birth rates and weak PC hampered defence of our culture much of the western world starting with Europe will disappear. In Italy they are already considering legally allowing female circumcision to placate their new North African masters as well as having already set aside beaches for exclusive muslim use on the Mediterranean so they do not have to lay eyes on or share sand with filthy infidels like many of us. Back to segregation we go – but then I guess under the new PC standard discrimination in social security and otherwise against “morally inferior” oppressor people such as white people cannot be regarded as true discrimination.

Instead of focusing on our disappearing liberties and the decline of western style democracy our media focuses on reflexively criticizing America’s foreign policy. A strategy undertaken by doomed post Christian Europe if only to make them seem momentarily relevant before they become the latest entrants into the Islamic world and their people are dhimmified, driven out or enslaved. Roughly 30,000 people primarily from the professional classes (lawyers, schoolteachers and doctors) since Theo Van Gogh’s murder by a raging Islamist are now leaving the Netherlands for nations perceived to be less friendly to the Islamic world like the United States and Australia each year. This White flight will further press Europe’s inevitable decline. The Netherlands symbolically died as far as I was concerned when the local authorities removed a mural with the sixth commandment “Thou Shalt not Kill” from a site near Theo Van Gogh’s murder because a local Muslim group complained that it was “racist”. They even confiscated the camera of a person who was trying to film it – no doubt anticipating a righteous outpouring of anger from the Christian community and a premature exposition of their weakness and insidious antiChristian agenda.

Whilst the west rolls over and goes to sleep the seeds of our doom are planted and grow to bear fruit in Europe. If we do not own our own countries what purpose is there in going overseas to try and shape the emergent darkness? That darkness whether we choose to name it as such invariably falls under the banner “Islam” with it’s foot soldier the “muslim”. If our societies are so transformed by this barbaric death cult then what point is there in fighting for them? Win the battle at home, expel the cultural Marxists from our universities and schools and then worry about the Islamic aggressors when their allies within are gone. Send our John Pilgers and Noam Chomskys to live where they belong – in Iran.

Play it again, Sam!

The Al Qaeda manual gives clear instructions to captured fighters to claim torture and mistreatment. Since a lot of people seem to be unaware about how the Jihadi’s cunningly use our own laws and ‘human rights’ against us, I’m posting it once again. Scroll down to ‘Prison & Detention Centers’ and learn how to take prisoners claims of being tortured with a grain of salt:
The al Qaeda manual presented here was made available by the FBI which distributed the manual on their website:

First Lesson — General Introduction
Second Lesson — Necessary Qualifications And Characteristics For The Organization’s Member
Third Lesson — Counterfeit Currency And Forged Documents
Fourth Lesson — Organization Military Bases “Apartments Places”-Hiding
Fifth Lesson — Means Of Communication And Transportation
Sixth Lesson — Training
Seventh Lesson — Weapons: Measures Related To Buying And Transporting Them
Eight Lesson — Member Safety
Ninth Lesson — Security Plan
Eleventh Lesson — Espionage (1) Information-Gathering Using Open Methods
Twelfth Lesson — Espionage (2 )Information-Gathering Using Covert Methods
Eighteen Lesson — Prisons And Detention Centers

Pali’s Hate US More Than Al Qaeda Hates US!

Remember: We need to give them their own state a.s.a.p!
Broadcast on Palestinian television on January 1, a former Palestinian Authority minister from Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party responds to Ayman al-Zawahri’s criticisms by wishing Al Qaeda success in its attacks against the US and its targeting of President George W. Bush. (Via Palestinian Media Watch.)

Here’s the video clip with thanks to LGF:

Read it all:

You Don’t wanna be an Interrogator in Gitmo

Because the BS you have to put up with would probably sent you to the nut-house or worse. Imagine having to deal with these jihad-monkeys on a daily level, to have them throw urine and feces at you (without you being able to retaliate) Then they curse and swear at you on end, just to keep you in good spirits. You serve them halal burgers and make sure they have clean clothes, that they can do their ritual ablutions without killing you, but chances are that YOU will be accused and interrogated over an endless catalog of prisoners ‘rights’ violations, like touching, handling, kicking or squatting over a Koran:

No kidding: This is the kind of stupidity the US- administration and an army of ‘human rights’-subversives forces on US-prison-guards who are there to do an important job, and that job is is protecting us.

More BS from AP… Ever seen a Soldier of Allah who was NOT TORTURED?

THEY WEASEL AND WHINE, because that’s what they are taught in the terrorist training camps, and because they KNOW this BS always works with the bleeding hearts, the nut-roots and the moon bats, but how much longer? Is everybody in the MSM and the judiciary stupid? Is expecting institutionalized stupidity the birthright of every Muhammedan?

Associated Press: How would you like to have your News cooked, Sir?

This, just in from the Confederate Yankee, is the scandal of the year, and the year has only just begun:

We also know that Jamil Hussein has consistently been a source for at least 60 news stories over two years, and that Jamil Hussein is just one of many apparently fake sources that has driven Associated Press reporting in Iraq.
This presents us with the unsettling possibility that the Associated Press has no idea how much of the news it has reported out of Iraq since the 2003 invasion is in fact real, and how much they reported was propaganda. The failure of accountability here is potentially of epic proportions.

Scroll down, look at the picture of the turd who is in charge of this organization and you begin to understand: These are the people who are taking us down the gutter, the enemy within: 

Enemy Agents: The Ramadan Brothers

Despite overwhelming evidence of involvement  and supporting terrorism, the Ramadan Jihad Family is more active than ever in the quest to ‘revert’ Europe into Eurabia. For those interested to learn more about the activities of these enemy agents I am posting these links:

While the smooth talking Taqiyya master Tariq is still barred from entering the US because of terrorist connections, the BLair government has elevated him to a position of ‘adviser’ – unclear is, what his kind of advice will be. Something like ‘lay down and die’ or more like ‘we will conquer your countries with the bellies of our women’…

More later, but before I go, here’s one more: