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Australia: suspected asylum-seekers in Christmas Island detention

“They just keep coming”- once again, we see the bleeding hearts open the floodgates to assist the Muhammedan invasion. Welcome to KRuddistan!

* Of course they are not asylum seekers. They are not refugees or migrants either: they are invaders.

Why? Because on the way to Australia they already pass through 2 or 3 Islamic countries which are not at war with them. These people are not persecuted. Their lives are not threatened.

So pray tell:  why  do they not seek  and  find asylum there? Why do they not find refuge in Islamic countries where their Muslim brothers are obliged to take them in and help them?

The Australian/ Paige Taylor

BOATPEOPLE Afghanis, of Hazara ethnicity, were intercepted in the Ashmore Islands this week. They have arrived on Christmas Island and are being held in detention.

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Australia: More Islamic Schools Proposed, More Resistance From Residents

* Muslim spokesman threatens ‘serious consequences’ for all concerned

Another LARGE Islamic school proposed for a rural area in south-west Sydney is facing fierce opposition from residents just months after Camden residents waged a racially charged battle against a similar development in their area. (That’s why its called the Sydney Moonbat Herald. They still haven’t learned that Islam is not a race/ed)


Muslim woman desecrating the Australian flag

Jano Gibson Urban Affairs /Sydney Moonbat Herald

A company called ASFA Limited has applied to Liverpool City Council to build an educational facility called Qaadiri College for 600 primary and high school students at Gurner Avenue in Austral.

But neighbours of the site are adamant a development of that scale will destroy their peaceful lifestyle. They insist their concerns have nothing to do with Islam and would oppose similar-sized projects if they were proposed by other faith groups.

* Newslink: THE discovery of “potentially dangerous” chemicals after a fire at a unit block in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has raised fears of a home-made bomb and forced the evacuation of residents. 


But there are signs that known anti-immigration activists are keen to join in a campaign against it.

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Anything For A Buck. Australia For Sale: Future Under Sharia?

Just in thanks to atheist

From Surfers Paradise to tourist Arab Mecca

Mike Bruce/Herald Sun

SURFERS Paradise could be turned into a souk and Cavill Avenue into a kasbah as part of a bold plan to make the Gold Coast a ‘Ramadan-friendly zone’.

Gold Coast Meter Maid?

Arabic-style marquees, traditional coffee shops, halal restaurants and Middle Eastern entertainment would pop up in Surfers, Broadbeach and at theme parks to encourage big-spending, long-staying Middle Eastern tourists to come here next year during the usually travel-shy holy period of Ramadan.

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Taxi Rape Down Under: Daily Telegraph Too Coy To Spell 'Muhammad'

* The rape of infidel women is legitimized, glorified and not punishable under ‘Islamic law’, the sharia. Infidel women are considered ‘war booty’. The prophet of Islam did it all the time and incited his companions to do likewise. Jessica Loiterton, the Daily Telegraph reporter, willfully ignores this, either because she is unawares or is overly eager to avoid it because of political correctness.

* Instead, she abbreviates his name with ‘Md’- but Muhammad Kowsar Ali is certainly no Medical Doctor.

Taxi Jihad in Australia:

Not letting taxi driver Md Kowsar Ali off sexual attack

Thanks to Bill, who correctly points out that we reported this case here

By Jessica Loiterton/Daily Telegraph

Fighter … Jessica Loiterton after her attacter, taxi driver Md Kowsar Ali, was convicted.

IT’S the worst thing you can imagine happening to a girl catching a cab alone, late at night – and it happened to me. Last November, when I was 18, I was raped by the taxi driver I had trusted to take me home.

I thought I was doing the safe, responsible thing. I wasn’t hitchhiking, or drink-driving, or walking on my own. Everyone has a right to expect that when you catch a cab, the driver will do his job and take you home. But I didn’t get home that night – and what that driver did to me is unforgivable.

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Home-grown jihad in Melbourne

INVESTIGATORS feared Melbourne’s home-grown terrorist group was planning a devastating explosion.

Abdullah Merhi

Terror cell member: Abdullah Merhi.

Keith Moor/Herald Sun

All the signs were there in 2004 and 2005 that the Melbourne terror cell led by extremist Muslim sheik Abdul Benbrika was planning something big.

Police knew Benbrika, 48, had made inquiries about getting chemicals to make a massive bomb.

* Mosque ‘was local election political tool’ – Green is the color of Islam. Vote for Mullah Bobby Brown! Vote green!

Undercover officers followed Benbrika as he travelled into secluded bush near Kilmore to watch a test explosion of a small bomb.

Police later secretly taped Benbrika discussing a 500kg version of the 500g test bomb he watched explode.

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6 found guilty of terrorism charges in Australia

* That’s about half of the accused. Can we get a picture of the perps now?

No? Why not? Why so coy?

*  Breaking News: Omar Bakri joins the ‘kill McCartney’ s#*theads. Because music is haram…

Benbrika found guilty/The Age

Benbrika guilty on two terror counts/Herald Sun

Benbrika guilty on terrorism charges/ABC News

Abdul Benbrika is charged with directing the activities of the group

A jury Monday convicted a Muslim cleric and five of his followers of forming a terrorist group in Australia that allegedly considered assassinating the prime minister and attacking major sporting events.

Associated (with terrorists) Press


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Support for Catholic, but not Islamic school in Australian country town

* The nutroots throw hissy fits, the Musulmaniacs cry ‘Islamophobia & racism’ and even the ‘right wing’ columnist Andrew Bolt doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind where he stands on the issue:

It certainly seems wrong, even ugly and divisive, yet the concerns that produced it cannot safely be trampled over:

The Camden residents’ group that fought a Muslim society’s proposal for a school in rural Camden has welcomed a Catholic organisation’s plans to build a school nearby  because “Catholics are part of our community”.

If you picture Australia as largely a mosaic of Camdens, you realise how careful any federal government must be in playing with immigration policy.

* Anyway, here’s the article:

Sydney, Sep 9 (IANS) A proposed Catholic school near here has been supported by the residents’ group, who had earlier this year rejected a plan to build an Islamic school on Sydney’s south-western fringes, raising uncomfortable questions of double standards and racism in this historic Australian town.

But the Camden/MacArthur Residents’ Group rejects any suggestion of racism. (because Islam is not a race/ed)

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Aussie Special Forces in Afghanistan Lock Talibs In Dog Pens, Musulmaniacs Downunder Start Howling Like Bitches

*   Never question the loyalty of your fellow Muslims, especially when they shoot you in the back or throw hand-grenades in your tent…

with thanks to Andrew Bolt

A bad mistake – or a nasty reminder – when an Australian Muslim organistation instinctively sides with Taliban suspects over the Australian soldiers trying to hold them captive: 

SUSPECTED Taliban militants arrested by Australian special forces in Afghanistan have been detained in “dog pens” in actions that have left Australian Muslim groups outraged…

The empty dog pens were used to hold overnight four suspected Taliban insurgents who were arrested in a raid by special forces soldiers on April 29….

Australia’s peak Muslim body, the Islamic High Council, expressed alarm at the practice.

“This is of concern to us whether they are Muslim or other people being confined in accommodation designed for dogs,” said council spokesman Mohamed Mehio. “This is a matter of human rights.” (remember: only Muslims are human, unbelievers are ‘the vilest of creatures..’ ed)

If the council was as noisy about the human rights of the many victims of the Taliban and waited to hear all the facts about this one-off overnight detention, I’d be less worried. 

* Strangely, we didn’t hear anything from ‘our’ Muslims when this happened:

 Women buried alive in Pak, MP defends act: “These are centuries-old traditions and I will continue to defend them,” 

*  Update 1: Tim Blair nails the swine from the Sydney Moonbat Herald who promptly tried to spin this crap into some kind of Abu Ghraib outrage, while Bobby Brown does his usual best and defecates on the troops,  with gusto…

* Update 2: Aussies don’t buy media spin, rally behind troops and tell the Muzz to get stuffed…



Australia: Justice Buongiorno discovers the 'lesser jihad'

Australia: judge decrees that “lesser jihad” illegal

But still probably best to drop the problematic word, jihad, and just call it “violence,” to be on the safe side. “Judge tells terror trial religiously motivated violence illegal,” by Gary Hughes, for theAustralian, August 18, via JW:

RELIGIOUSLY motivated violence was against the law, no matter which religious group was behind it, the judge in Australia’s largest terrorism trial said today.

Hear that, all you would-be Buddhist mujahidin?

During his final directions to the jury, Justice Bernard Bongiorno said it did not matter whether the supposed justification for such violence came from the Bible or the Koran. 

Religiously motivated violence is illegal,” he told the Victorian Supreme Court jury.

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Chairman KRudd Discovers 'Democracy' in Malaysia

Kevin Rudd, who has announced a number of joint programs with Malaysia, visits a secondary school in Kuala Lumpur. 

* Katharine Murphy, Putrajaya, Malaysia for the AGE

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd says Malaysia is a vibrant and flourishing democracy, although he avoided meeting a politician regarded as the country’s de facto opposition leader.

Mr Rudd said yesterday that the strength of democracy in Malaysia was a “great testament to the political wisdom of the people of this country”.

“Democracy is not just alive and well in Malaysia but flourishing,” Mr Rudd said after meeting his Malaysian counterpart, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

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