Bosnia: Clashes with Wahabis "who have a radical interpretation of Islam"

Student brawls blamed on Bosnian Wahabis

* Albanian Imam claims more of Serbian territory

SERBIANNA            Balkans: Wahabis seen as growing regional threat

* Remember the two Wahabis who tried to “silence” the church bells?

A massive brawl that occurred between Croat and Muslim students in the Bosnian city of Mostar is blamed on Wahabis, suggests the report by the NGO Croatia Libertas.

“It is about groups that have a radical interpretation of Islam and influence the youth. The attacks have spread on all high schools in Mostar,” says Leo Plockinic, representative from Croati Libertas.

Plockinic says that the organized Wahabis are armed with light weapons.

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Moroccan "youths" firebomb church in Netherlands

* 2 posts in one: Netherlands & Bosnia

Bosnia: Two jihadists “disturbed by the church bell,” try to enter church

“Such non-Muslim subjects [of the Islamic state] are obliged to comply with Islamic rules that pertain to the safety and indemnity of life, reputation, and property. In addition, they…are forbidden to openly display wine or pork, (A: to ring church bells or display crosses,) recite the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make public display of their funerals and feastdays…” – ‘Umdat al-Salik o11.5

“Bosnia: Radical Muslims arrested for entering church,” from AKI, November 24 (thanks to DW):

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Bosnia: Demonstrators Chanted "Kill the Gays!" and "Allahu Akbar!"

Clashes at Bosnia’s gay festival

Al Bebeeceera

Clashes in Sarajevo. Photo: 24 September 2008

At least eight people have been injured in clashes during the opening ceremony of Bosnia’s first gay festival in the capital Sarajevo, police have said.

They said dozens of men attacked participants of the festival in front of the city’s Academy of Fine Arts.

A foreigner and journalists were reportedly among the injured.

Homosexuality is very much a taboo issue in Bosnia and organisers of the Queer Festival have received death threats, correspondents say.

*  Gaddafi was not to be seen on this occasion…

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The Jihad Against Serbia: Muslims Demand 'Abolition of the Serb Entity'

* The language sounds familiar, no? Where did we hear that before? Only this time its not the abolition of the ‘Zionist entity’- its the abolition of the Serb entity.  Appropriation alarm:



Bosnia: Muslim leader’s UN speech sparks ‘controversy’

New York, 24 Sept. (AKI)A Muslim member of Bosnia’s rotating presidency has provoked a controversy after demanding the abolition of the Serb entity, Republika Srpska, and correcting what he called ‘war errors’, during his speech before the United Nations.  

Haris Silajdzic, who currently chairs Bosnia’s three-man rotating state presidency, told the General Assembly on Tuesday that the RS was “created by genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina”. 

* Strange kind of ‘genocide’ when Muslims take over Christian lands by  jihad and by outbreeding infidels, don’t you think?
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Yusuf rubs it

Islamo agit-prop Yusuf Irfan cooks history and finds a forum in

Radovan Karadzic, the murderous Sarajevo psychiatrist, was the architect of a brutal war in Bosnia Herzegovina during the mid-1990s that cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives and that involved the gang rape of tens of thousands of women.    

Karadzic masterminded the worst atrocities in Europe since World War II. His forces set up concentration camps where supporters of the Bosnian government were tortured, butchered and murdered.

* a pack of lies and a fraud, as we can see here:

In his memoir Enemy Combatant, former British Guantanamo inmate Moazzam Begg describes meeting a Bosnian Muslim refugee who was gang raped in the presence of her husband and with their three-month old baby screaming. Soon after the rape her husband was shot and her baby decapitated, all in her presence.

* Moazzam Begg: an ex-jihadist and spin-doctor as a credible witness? Laughable! Only on planet Irfan!
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Bosnia: Sarajevo almost fully Muslim

From Islam in Europe:

This was apparently true already a decade ago.

* Jihad in Kosovo: a Response to Critics

* “We are Muslims, but not really”

The Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, once a symbol of ethnic diversity, has become an entirely Muslim city, a Croat deputy in the Bosnian Parliament, Branko Zrno, said on Wednesday.
“Sarajevo definitely isn’t a multi-ethnic city, but the city of one group, the Bosniacs (Muslims), ” Zrno told local media. He pointed out that Serbs and Croats in Sarajevo have no institutional protection, and continue to leave the capital. 

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*  Yep. And there are those who will not see. Like here: Julia Gorin takes on bloggers who call the Kosovo Jihad by another name. Full story next page thanks to Atlas

* Here we have the rather blue-eyed Michael Totten painting an overly optimistic, simplistic picture of the Balkans. 

* Additional links: Fitzgerald: Independent Kosovo

* Fitzgerald: The jihad in Serbia



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5000 Bosnian Muslims rally behind Jihadists

“I carry Bosnia in my heart,” says Aiman Abu Abdurrahman, a Jihadist from middle east who was invited by the Bosnian Muslim government in the 1990 to help them kill Christians.


Murderous Jihad Veterans

Abdurrahman was given Bosnian Muslim citizenship
and was given a local Bosnian Muslim woman to marry with whom she has children.

“Bosnia is a country in which I have experienced the nicest days of my life, my Bosnian [wife] has enriched my life, my good Bosnians will always be on my side,” says Abdurrahman.

Two of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were veterans of the Bosnian Muslim Jihad. Most gruesome atrocities such as beheadings of Christians, burning down churches with Christians in them and other brutalities have been documented by these Bosnian fighters and the video footage is for sale in many mosques across Bosnia.

Abdurrahman and other Bosnian Muslim Jihad fighters are under pressure by the Western governments who demand that the Bosnian Muslim government deport them to their countries of birth.



Thousands protest against deportation of Jihadists from Bosnia

ZENICA, Bosnia-Herzegovina-Up to 5,000 people protested Saturday against the government’s decision to expel a Syrian native who fought on the side of Muslim Bosniaks during the 1992-95 war.


Bosnian Muslims shout slogans during a protest against the deportation of Syrian native Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, in the central town of Zenica, Bosnia Saturday, Feb. 2, 2008.


Imad al-Husini, known as Abu Hamza, was stripped of his Bosnian citizenship last year after a special commission found that naturalization procedures had been ignored in the cases of some 500 people from countries including Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan and Russia.

Muhammadaism in the heart of Europe:


Husini, the vice president of the war veterans’ organization Ensarije, and the most visible former Islamic fighter in Bosnia, has led a protest against the revocation of citizenship and the expulsions.

Shouting “Halali nam, Hamza” or stay with us, speaker after speaker called the deportation an injustice citing that Hamza and many other Jihadists were Bosnian Muslim patriots that fought in the Bosnian Muslim Army in the 1990s.

Most grotesque killings of Christian Serbs such as beheadings, mutilations, decapitations and other bestial methods are attributed to the Jihadist fighters.

The basic message of the protest was that “We all are Hamza” and the organizers urged all protesters to raise their children in a strict form of Islam.


* You’ve heard a lot from whining and wingeing Muslims, but have you ever seen a crying jihadist?