Yusuf Rubs It: Jihad Factories Good, Tim Blair Baaad…


Islamo-shyster Yusuf from Planet Irf  doesn’t want infidels to take a closer look at the jihad factories in Indonesia where good Muslims breed indoctrinated  killer zombies  for the future kaliphate. Yusuf  is trying to hard-sell the mythical “moderate Islam”  and the best way to do that, is to attack Tim Blair, his old foe:

INDONESIA: Tabloid expert declares terrorists poised to take over

Daily Telegraph resident blogger Tim Blair is worried about Indonesia being on the verge of taken over by the likes of Noordin Top. Apparently there are Noordin Tops in schools across Indonesia. (Indeed, there are. Breeding more and  faster everyday…)

* A racist little slur: Understanding the cultures of non-Western countries and non-white peoples isn’t one of Blair’s strengths. So it’s not surprising that Blair can’t notice it’s highly unlikely that Indonesian boarding schools are filled with Malaysians. (red herrings anyone?)

And what of these boarding schools? Well, Blair describes Indonesia’s pesantren as …

… these terror-breeding fundo-pods …

… and after noting that there are 45,000 of these, states …

The scale of the problem becomes clear. It’s broad-based rather than Top-down, you could say.

Yes, that was quite amusing. (I’m not amused, Yusuf…) What’s even more amusing is Blair’s refusal to do some basic elementary research on indigenous Indonesian boarding schools and their role in Indonesian society, instead of writing them all off as terror factories. (Go back to sleep kuffars, its not happening… its all good.. trust me! I’m Yusuf from Planet Irf. I’m a Muslim and Muslims don’t tell lies…)

And we all know about these nasty Indonesian schools. Blair’s ideological compatriots in the US were busy during the last US Presidential Election trying to prove that US President Obama attended an Indonesian pesantran. (We have Barry Soetoro’s school enrolment form to prove that the Obamessiah is a Muslim, Yusuf. Still in denial? Look here, scroll down, bottom of page!)

If Indonesian boarding schools were such terror factories, surely the biggest terrorist on the planet is this bloke. Still, Blair isn’t the only “expert” to pontificate on pesantren.

Gus Dur aka Abdurrahman Wahid, Yusuf? Lets have a closer look at this “moderate Muslim”, shall we?

1749_INDONESIA - GUS DUR (147 x 120)

Gus Dur aka Abdurrahman Wahid, an Islamist former PM of Indonesia, best known for embezzlement and corruption.  When he was exposed and forced to resign he  threatened  to bring to Jakarta tens of thousands of armed supporters. In the end he was being forced to resign as president, but he was never brought to trial.

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On Planet Irf, the Torture Never Stops…

Watching Olberdouche is also a form of torture. But for Yusuf, its all good old Islamo-prop, and he just can’t get enough of it:


The reality is, as usual, quite different:

What you’ll never see on Planet Irf:

• the twelve separate inquiries into the abuses alleged by critics and former detainees at Gitmo that found no evidence of those abuses taking place;
            • the revelation during the release earlier this year of the so-called “torture memos” that waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques had been applied to exactly three suspects in the course of eight years and had never been standard operating practice at Gitmo;
            • the evaluation by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point that 73 percent of Gitmo detainees were “a demonstrated threat” to Americans;
            • and, finally, the fact that the detention facility was created in the wake of a declaration by Congress in September 2001 that “all necessary and appropriate force” should be used “against those nations, organizations, or persons” [emphasis added] responsible for the attacks of September 11; 
            —one may be permitted to wonder why, exactly, the pressure to close the prison facility has been so intense and long-lasting.

Yusuf wipes it

* For once, Yusuf tells the truth and answers one of the few commenters who bothers to comment on Planet Irf:

 Irf said…
“the herald sun the factual newspaper when it comes to African crime”- Actually, Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun articles on “African crime” seem to make sense after I wipe my backside with them. Which is the same with most of what Bolt writes.
Sheik sez:
* (you’re supposed to use pebbles, Yusuf. An “uneven number, and not bones or dung, for those are the food of the jinn”. What kind of asswipe do you think you are?/ed)

The Torture Never Stops

Some call it torture, others like it: our resident Islamo-shyster Yusuf Irfan is so obsessed with it that he puts up one pathetic blogpost after another about “torture”- something that prompted Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem to picture Yusuf  in his  favorite  S & M parlor with one of those 72 dark eyed houris cracking the whip over him…


An Entirely Political Exercise Masquerading as a Constitutional Debate

Real Torture v/s water-boarding:

ABC News Exclusive: Torture Tape Implicates UAE Royal Sheikh

 a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family is caught on tape

Its all Condi’s fault:  Condolleeeezzzza Rice gave the orders to “torture!”


The Republicans think Napolitano should resign because of the release of a report that singled out conservatives as “right-wing terrorists,” according to several GOP lawmakers.

Prosecuting Heroes


National Security: The Justice Department may launch a witch hunt against those who organized the enhanced interrogation of terrorists. That’s no way to treat people who saved so many lives. More>>

Andrew Bolt:

President Obama’s national intelligence director told colleagues in a private memo last week that the harsh interrogation techniques banned by the White House did produce significant information that helped the nation in its struggle with terrorists.

* Willie Clitman’s wife calls Cheney a liar…


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Yusuf Rrrubs It: how to use blackmail and intimidation to shut down free speech…

nazi-irfan1                                   “Ein Folk, ein ummah, ein Yusuf: I am the brain police…”

Trying to nail anti-jihad bloggers over the comments section is classic Jihad by the Pen. More often than not, comments that call for genocide on Muslims are planted by Islamo-nazis in order to smear anti-Jihad bloggers in order to shut down free speech. Islamo-shyster Yusuf Irfan is trying to play the same dirty trick on Piers Akerman, who allowed one of the more aggressive comments to remain on his blog. Needless to mention that the PC-brigade and their Muslim masters instantly jumped on it.

In typical fashion, Yusuf and his companions are trying to turn it into an issue of ‘racial vilification and xenophobia’.  Yusuf exhorts the ummah to write complaints to these editors:

to discredit Piers Akerman. Please write to them on behalf of freedom of speech, human rights for all  and protect our civilization from the barbarians and the shari’a. Do not allow Irfan’s thuggery to intimidate the meek.

In classical CAIR fashion, Yusuf tries  blackmail and intimidation by threatening the above editors with withdrawal of advertisements:

“I noticed an advertisement on your website from Tourism NSW. I thought I would send this letter to their person in charge of “News and Trade Media”. No doubt Tourism NSW would be most impressed to see their funds going toward the publication of racist and xenophobic commentary on your newspaper’s website. I’m sure Sydney would be able to attract lots of overseas visitors would would be pleased to see a major Sydney newspaper that prints violently xenophobic material. Oh, and I also thought ABC Media Watch might be interested.

Please write to the editors of the above publications. Please be polite and tell them that Piers Akerman is a brave journalist who writes in defense of human rights for all. Tell them that  Yusuf Irfan is a malevolent Islamo-shyster and indefatigable agit prop who does everything to pervert our values.  For  Yusuf, Islam and nothing but Islam matters. If we lose our freedom of speech we lose everything. Stop the Islamization of Australia!

Here’s the full text of Yusuf’s latest blob entry:  


LETTER: Open letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph …

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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Yusuf Rubs It…

Sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan is mighty unhinged over reports that jihadists who have settled in Australia – in their perception behind enemy lines- openly rejoice, cheer and curse  the kuffars over the loss of loved ones and property in  Victoria’s bush-fires. While Yusuf himself posted as “Irfsol” on one of the Islamic hate-sites like this one he just can’t remember posters like the one below  and demands to know: 

 “jihadist”? Where? On what site? In what language? When? 

* Who is behind the horrific bush fires in Australia?

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They burned in this life, and will burn in the next.         

النَّارُ وَعَدَهَا اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا ۖ وَبِئْسَ الْمَصِيرُ

I got an email asking for blood donations, entitled ‘Australia’s worst bushfire disaster: Victoria 09 – what can we do?’ (kind of reminded me of another email – ‘Gaza Massacre – what can you do?’, but the latter deserved attention, and the former deserved the trash can). There’s no way my blood is going to run in the veins of some kaafir, nor will I be going out of my way to show any sympathy, pity or offering help. These people are muharibeen, and under the threat of Allah’a ‘adhab.

So my attitude is ha ha serve you right, but may Allah spare the Muslim Ummah of a similar affliction.

Amnesia, Yusuf?  Not only. You are also a proven liar and an intellectual fraud.

 Or, as this poster here correctly notes, you are also a mendacious drama queen and as dumb as a stump.”

In his lastest blog entry Yusuf blames the Sunday Heralds-Sun, Eleni Hale, for reporting just that. Yusuf can’t remember anything and goes apeshit, as usual:

One jihadist wrote: “It would be an act of revenge for Australian’s participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

One “jihadist”? Where? On what site? In what language? When? Is Hale citing Osama bin Ladin typing this from his cave? Or is this “jihadist” a 15 year old kid writing on this online chat room?  Already Hale’s article has been picked up by a variety of websites known for their sensible and unprejudiced reporting and analysis.

And then this:

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Yusuf rubs it: Planet Irf supports the gay & lesbian Mardi Gras!

* Looking for love in strange places: Yusuf discovers his fondness of Gays & Lesbians, just like he supports Australia’s Aboriginies (serial rapists & convicted terrorists…)

(as soon as they find out that homosexuals must be killed under Islamic law they’ll be right at your doorstep to sort you out, Yusuf. And did you ever tell your Aboriginal friends that the word for slave and black is identical-Abeed? Do your black friends know that Arab Muslims are the worlds worst slave traders and racists?)  

               * Just for good measure: Homosexuals must die – Muslim cleric

                * But not to worry: Yusuf will protect you, boyz! Fear not! 

* Interlude from the ‘let us paint a giant pussy on your cheek’ and ‘we promise it won’t hurt a bit’ department; something that made my BS-detector explode:

                           ‘Killing in the name of jihad is against Islam’

The Hindu/VIJAYAWADA: The massacre in the name of jihad is against Islam and any form of killing is not Jihad, Masjid-e-quba president Aslam Khan has said.


* This Aslam Khan is just as good a liar as the slick sharia advocate and  increasingly restive agent provocateur Yusuf Irfan, who dumps another steaming pile of taqiyya on the Bali victims in this blog entry here: 

 “Amrozi’s smile, referred to in today’s Age, is more likely one of shame or embarrassment.” 

*  The excellent Militant Islam Monitor also takes Yusuf to the cleaners, here

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Yusuf rubs it…

Yusuf makes your skin crawl, baby..!

*  After being threatened with a costly lawsuit for slander and defamation, resident Islamo-shyster Irfan Yusuf licked his chops for a few days, issued a fake apology and attacked his mama’s curries with ferocious vengeance , only to return reinvigorated to slime and smear Daniel Pipes some more:

  * Hat Tip Dave: discovered on the ‘Planet Irfan’ smear site 

         Further Endorsement from Mr Daniel Pipes … 

                         Further Endorsement from Mr Daniel Pipes ... 
Promoter of the “Obama was a Muslim” smear …
       … should send a signal to responsible media everywhere to decline his tendentious writings.          

(I wonder if, by “responsible”, he means that tiny fringe of newspapers and websites happy to print his claims that Barack Obama is a Muslim apostate and attended a madressa? Or that wearing a sarong is “a garment associated with Muslims”? Or that extremists make up 10-15% of the Muslim world population? Well, Mr Pipes, I wouldn’t want to pollute my reputation by writing for those kinds of media. You can have them all, mate!) 

Sheik Yer’mami sets the record straight: 

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Yusuf rubs it

Islamo agit-prop Yusuf Irfan cooks history and finds a forum in

Radovan Karadzic, the murderous Sarajevo psychiatrist, was the architect of a brutal war in Bosnia Herzegovina during the mid-1990s that cost hundreds of thousands of civilian lives and that involved the gang rape of tens of thousands of women.    

Karadzic masterminded the worst atrocities in Europe since World War II. His forces set up concentration camps where supporters of the Bosnian government were tortured, butchered and murdered.

* a pack of lies and a fraud, as we can see here:

In his memoir Enemy Combatant, former British Guantanamo inmate Moazzam Begg describes meeting a Bosnian Muslim refugee who was gang raped in the presence of her husband and with their three-month old baby screaming. Soon after the rape her husband was shot and her baby decapitated, all in her presence.

* Moazzam Begg: an ex-jihadist and spin-doctor as a credible witness? Laughable! Only on planet Irfan!
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