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'Innocent Gitmo Torture Victims' Murder Lackawanna High School Student in Yemen

* I’m sure they were totally innocent and peaceful until they were tortured with halal burgers and loud music in Gitmo. We made them do it. its all our fault!

American Muslim Teenager Killed in Bombing by Ex-Gitmo Detainee: the Untold Story of Jihad Hitting Home

*   From 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America

Susan Elbaneh was murdered by al Qaeda and apparently most of the media does not want you to know. Last week, you saw her killers’ faces splashed across the headlines yet away from her hometown, the media was busy playing echo-chamber.

There are people here among us who believe these finger wagging monkeys deserve our support…

Released Gitmo inmates up the jihadi rhetoric

Strangely, the New York Times has failed to report the whole story three times.

The proof of that assertion is: Robert F. Worth wrote of Susan Elbaneh’s fugitive cousin last March; he mentioned her death, name, and hometown last September while reporting on the bombing of our embassy in Yemen yet made no mention of Jaber Elbaneh; and their names and the latter’s connection to the Lackawanna Six were missing from his reports last week about two former Guantanamo detainees reuniting with al Qaeda in Yemen and their being suspected in that same attack upon our embassy.

American girl Susan Elbaneh was murdered by al Qaeda and reporters from in and near her hometown actually began doing their jobs back as far as September 18, 2008:

A Lackawanna High School student who traveled to Yemen to be married last month was one of the victims of a terrorist bombing Wednesday at the U. S. Embassy in Yemen, the woman’s school principal said. Attackers armed with automatic weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and at least one suicide car bomb assaulted the compound in the Yemeni capital of Sana. Officials listed the 16 people killed as six assailants, six guards and four civilians. Susan Elbaneh, 18, was killed, along with her Yemeni husband, as they stood outside the embassy, family members said Wednesday.

They were apparently there to do paperwork for the husband’s move to the U. S. when the attackers struck, said Elbaneh’s brother, Ahmed.

* FBI tries “outreach” with Somali community to “prevent radicalization”

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Reformed Jihadists Go Back to Jihad. Are You Shocked?

11 Gitmo recidivists on Saudi’s Most Wanted List

By Michelle Malkin  •  February 4, 2009 

I know. You’re shocked, shocked:

A Saudi government spokesman says 11 of the Saudis on its recently issued most wanted list are former Guantanamo detainees.


Gen. Mansour al-Turki of the Saudi Interior Ministry told The Associated Press on Wednesday that among the 85 people listed by the government, 11 had been released from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba and passed through government-sponsored rehabilitation programs.


More at the Long War Journal.

Finger-waggi-people: “Rehab:” Gitmo recidivists thumb their noses in new video


By Michelle Malkin 

al Qaeda has released a video love letter (er, hate letter) from two Gitmo recidivists to the rest of the world as President Obama prepares to import a boat load of detainees into American civilian courts.

Sealed with a kiss-off:

           * More Innocent Torture Victims Suddenly Become Jihad Warriors

Australia’s bleeding hearts from the ‘Yuman Rites’ industry want some too:

* Desperately looking for a Gitmo ape to take home:

                                 Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester

Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester:  “Australia’s Guantanamo dilemma”

US President Barack Obama has pledged to close Guantanamo Bay. Susan Harris Rimmer and Eve Lester ask whether Australia has responsibilities to the detainees upon their release.

“Although Australia may not be legally obliged to render assistance to the US, there are valid humanitarian reasons why the Rudd government should play a role and accept some detainees should the Obama administration extend such a request.” More…

* Sheik yer’mami sez: try a male strip club or buy a dildo, girls. Much safer and more fun!


11 ex-Gitmo prisoners flee the Saudi “rehabilitation program” and join up with terrorist groups

Not enough to sate jihadi impulses

Apparently PlayStations and finger-paints are not enough to change the minds of terrorists concerning the jihad. Thus, even if it were true that “jihad” really means “being a better student, a better colleague, a better business partner. Above all, to control one’s anger” — this story indicates that we can at least rule out trying to redirect the jihad from targeting infidels to, say, “Jihad-of-the -Nintendo” or the “Crayon Jihad.”

“11 ex-Gitmo prisoners on Saudi wanted list,” from UPI, February 4: via JW

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Obambo sez releasing Gitmo apes will backfire, but hey, if we don’t uphold our Constitution and our values, that will make us less safe

*   Shocked 9/11 Families Condemn Gitmo Shutdown…

*  Pentagon: 61 ex-Gitmo inmates have returned to jihad

* Gitmo judge refuses Obambo’s release orders


* Remember: this is from a guy who doesn’t give a s*#t about the constitution or our values. This is a guy who fell through a hole in the flag.  Its not about that Obambo is ‘concerned’ that we will be attacked again, as this misleading Reuters headline claims, yes, the chances  are good they will attack us again, but hey: lets release them anyway and worry about it later!

Puff Ho: Generals Seek To Reverse Obama’s Iraq Withdrawal Decision

*  The first fallout with the military. Petraeus on the way out. Remember: the Obaminator wants his own palace guard, his very own Gestapo, and has overall no liking for the military as we know it:

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Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: "We don't care about capital punishment," he said. "We are doing jihad for the cause of Allah…"

Inside Gitmo

Cheney: Detainees want to kill Americans

9/11 co-defendant: ‘We did what we did’

At possibly last war crimes hearing at Guantanamo, two acknowledge guilt

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba – Two of the five men accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11 attacks offered unapologetic admissions of guilt Monday in a sometimes chaotic — and possibly final — session of the Guantanamo war crimes court.

The hearings, scheduled over several days, could be the last at Guantanamo, since President-elect Barack Obama has said he would close the offshore prison at the U.S. base in Cuba and many expect him to suspend the military tribunals and order new trials in the U.S.

Ramzi Binalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed architect of the terrorist attacks, casually admitted guilt during a series of outbursts as the translators struggled to keep up and the judge repeatedly sought to regain control.

* Jawa Report: Jihad Fritz identified: “Abu Talha the German” was identified as 31 year old Bekkay Harrach, a Moroccan born immigrant to Germany.

“We did what we did; we’re proud of Sept. 11,” Binalshibh announced at one point in proceedings that dealt with a number of legal issues, including whether he is mentally competent to stand trial on charges that carry a potential death sentence.

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The Gitmo Dilemma: "We need to destroy our enemies, not guarantee their rights”

By Kathy Shaidle

* Newsweep: Gitmo?  No problem when a Marxist Muslim does it…

Four reasons Obama won’t close the controversial prison soon.

When Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency he repeatedly promised to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, where hundreds of terrorist suspects have been held since the beginning of the War on Terror. As recently as last Sunday, he told 60 Minutes that he intended to keep his promise. “I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that,” Obama said, adding that the planned closure was “part and parcel of an effort to regain America’s moral stature in the world.”

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The Gitmo Human Rights Circus

* Not one of the Gitmo inmates has been sentenced to 30 years of hard labour or execution; but the human rights activists are literally pissing themselves over the imaginary rights of these hard-core Islamo-loons who would kill thousands of infidels for the sake of Allah if only they had a chance

Guantanamo trials flout US legal fundamentals: critics

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The military “war crimes” commissions created to try US war-on-terror detainees held in Guantanamo bear only a partial resemblance to normal US courts and are heavily criticized for flouting fundamental principles of American law.

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From Gitmo to Canuckistan: a mountie doesn't always get his man…

Terror suspects take Mounties, CSIS to court

Ian MacLeod
Canwest News Service    

* All according to the Al Qaeda playbook lesson 18: PRISONS AND DETENTION CENTERS

OTTAWA – Two former Montrealers imprisoned in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are taking the RCMP and CSIS to court as part of a bid to prove their confessions to terrorism resulted from torture by the U.S. and others and are therefore worthless.


Blame the torturers

That three Muslim citizens were tortured is a great injustice — but they and their supporters should focus their anger on Syria and Egypt, rather than Canada

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Gitmo Dilemma: the enemy within


 “I care not for myself; our enemies deserve nothing less than what we would expect from them were the situations reversed. More than anything, I hope we can rediscover some of our American values.”

* Your enemies wouldn’t blink to chop your head off and scream Allahu akbar, you dumb f*kc..

(Seriously deluded) Guantanamo prosecutor accuses Pentagon of ethical misconduct in terrorist trials

* A military prosecutor quit his job after concluding that the trial system at the US detainment facility Guantanamo Bay amounted to a “creeping rot” of injustice.



Gitmo: No Khalid, you can't do jihad on the net

Judge: No Internet Access for Sept. 11 Defendants at Gitmo

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — AP   A U.S. military judge has denied a request from professed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed for Internet access inside his Guantanamo cell, ruling he does not need it to prepare for his death penalty trial.

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