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Released Gitmo Ape Rearrested in Pakistan

Here’s the translation from Expressen:

The Guantanamo Swede is caught in Pakistan/how did he get the idea in his head that there is a jihad going on?

* Whitewashing Islam: Obamessiah denies the Jihad Threat...

Mehdi Ghezali
Solkar quick: can’t you explain to this misguided Muslims that there is no jihad going on and terror is completely un-Islamic?

The Guantanamo Swede Mehdi Ghezali is once again suspected of terror crimes. The 30-year-old has been apprehended in Pakistan for collusion with Al Qaeda, according to Rapport [the big TV-news program on Sweden’s public TV].

Mehdi Ghezali was arrested in Pakistan in 2001 and incarcerated at the infamous Guantanamo base. He was released in 2004, without knowing why he was arrested.

Counter Jihad News:

Photos released of terrorist mastermind at Gitmo

Photo purporting to show a man identified by the Internet site as Khalid Sheik Mohammed

Khalid Sheik Mohammed

Gitmo and the Al Qaeda Playbook

Litigation Jihad: 

Al Qaeda terrorist serving a life sentence for his part in planning a fertiliser bomb attack on mainland Britain is suing security services and the Government for up to £50,000 over claims he was tortured in Pakistan.

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club-gitmo1          Terrorists live in Luxury at Guantanamo Bay

“They have arrows in the prison pointing towards where Mecca is. And the prison goes dead silent so these guys can have their religious time.”

Alleging torture when no torture has taken place is a move straight out of the Al-Qaeda playbook. When Al-Qaeda operatives are jailed, they are told to claim that they have been tortured. From the Al-Qaeda playbook:

1. At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security [investigators ]before the judge.2. Complain [to the court] of mistreatment while in prison.

3. Make arrangements for the brother ’s defense with the attorney, whether he was retained by the brother ’s family or court-appointed.

4. The brother has to do his best to know the names of the state security officers, who participated in his torture and mention their names to the judge.[These names may be obtained from brothers who had to deal with those officers in previous cases.]…

6. During the trial, the court has to be notified of any mistreatment of the brothers inside the prison.

This game has been played the world over, but nowhere has it achieved more success than in the demonization of American personnel at Guantanamo Bay. Even the President of the United States has lent the prestige of his office to this baseless smear.

Here is an account from an eyewitness, filtered through the pen of a disapproving reporter:

“Drew Brees raises eyebrows with comments about Guantanamo Bay,” by Jeff Duncan for The Times-Picayune, July 28 (thanks to JW):

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How to establish Islam in Pacific Island Nations

Obama Resettling Four Gitmo Detainees to Bermuda…

To hell in a hand-basket: Muslim POTUS Hussein Obama aids and abets the global Jihad in  Pacific Island nations

H/T Weasel Zippers


This is on top of the detainees that will be released into another prime tourist destination, Palau. Keep in mind all the Uighurs in Gitmo have acknowledged their connections to high-ranking al-Qaeda leaders like Abdul Haq and Hassan Mahsum while they trained in Afghanistan prior to 9/11……

The Justice Department Thursday morning announced that four of the 17 Uighur detainees held at Guantanamo Bay have been resettled in Bermuda.

Abdul Nasser — speaking for himself as well as Huzaifa Parhat, Abdul Semet, and Jalal Jalaladin — thanked the Bermudan government and people in a statement released by his attorneys. 

“Growing up under Communism,” Nasser said, “we always dreamed of living in peace and working in free society like this one. Today you have let freedom ring.”

The Obama administration put out some seemingly mixed messages on the Uighur transfer, saying that their release to Bermuda would make the US safer, while insisting the government would guard against their travel to the US.

An Obama administration source told ABC News that “the Uighurs will not be able to travel to the United States unless the U.S. government consents in advance.”

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Four Gitmo detainees settled in Bermuda

One of them, Abdul Nasser (“Slave of the Victorious One”) commends the decision: “Today you have let freedom ring.” “Four Chinese Muslims Released From Guantanamo,” from the Wall Street Journal,

Andrew Bolt – Howard’s Pacific Solution was cheaper

The Wall Street Journal on the price the US paid Palau to take Guantanamo detainees nobody else wants:

MONTHS of moral grandstanding and intense diplomacy are finally yielding dividends: (Barack) Obama has convinced Palau to resettle a small group of the least dangerous Guantanamo detainees. All it took was $200 million in foreign aid to a country with 20,000 residents and a GDP of about $164m. The Uighurs are not America’s problem alone; they were captured during “the good war”, after all. Yet for all Europe’s excoriations of Gitmo as a blight on America, no one jumped at this easy chance to reduce the prison population. According to news reports, the Obama administration asked more than 100 allies (ie, basically everyone) to accept custody. Palau deserves credit for its “humanitarian gesture”, as Palau President Johnson Toribiong called it, though the $200m in aid probably helped. That works out to $11.7m for each detainee.

Connie Levett, in The Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 on the price John Howard paid to send other unwanted guests to Pacific islands – and Christmas, too:

THE federal government’s Pacific solution has cost more than $1 billion over five years, according to a new report. The report, prepared by Oxfam and A Just Australia, which oppose the offshore-processing scheme, calculated it cost more than $500,000 (a) person to process fewer than 1700 asylum seekers in Nauru, Manus and Christmas Island.

Hitchens: WTF are we breeding in GITMO?

When the Extreme Becomes the Norm: The Gitmo madrassa

* Pentagon: 74 Gitmo recidivists and counting

 “Detainees are fed a diet of violent anti-Western agitprop by sympathetic Muslim chaplains and librarians who have unfettered access to their cell blocks.”

“Terrorists Free to Kill Once Again As They Slip the Grasp of Gitmo’s Kid Gloves,” by Paul Sperry in the New York Post, via JW

090608_fw_gitmotn* From jihadist to killer zombie: US taxpayers pay for creating bigger monsters…

Torture! “When the Extreme Becomes the Norm,” by Christopher Hitchens at Slate, June 8 (via JW):

…Yet if we think it probable or possible that a man would only mutate into such a monster after undergoing the Guantanamo experience, then I can suggest one reason why that might be. Nothing prepared me for the way in which the authorities at the camp have allowed the most extreme religious cultists among the inmates to be the organizers of the prisoners’ daily routine. Suppose that you were a secular or unfanatical person caught in the net by mistake; you would still find yourself being compelled to pray five times a day (the guards are not permitted to interrupt), to have a Quran in your cell, and to eat food prepared to halal (or Sharia) standards. I suppose you could ask to abstain, but, in such a case, I wouldn’t much fancy your chances. The officers in charge were so pleased by this ability to show off their extreme broad-mindedness in respect of Islam that they looked almost hurt when I asked how they justified the use of taxpayers’ money to create an institution dedicated to the fervent practice of the most extreme version of just one religion. To the huge list of reasons to close down Guantanamo, add this: It’s a state-sponsored madrasah.

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Gitmo Torture Never Stops: Koranimals to get Laptops, Computer Training

Weasel Zippers:

What, no internet porn? I guess the left was right, we are monsters….

These captives already get to order fast-food takeout from the base and have access to a phone booth for weekly calls. Now some 17 Uighur Muslims awaiting a nation to grant them asylum are about to go high-tech, with laptops and web training.

islam-prison21Koranimals bow in gratitute for treating them with computers and halal burgers…

While awaiting details of President Barack Obama’s order to close the prison camps by Jan. 22,commanders here have ordered 20 laptops for the captives of Camp Iguana.

”As you know, detainees are leaving this place,” said Army Lt. Col. Miguel Mendez, who oversees detainee classes, a multilingual library and now-emerging virtual computer lab. “We’re getting them computer classes to prepare for their return.”

The Uighur detainees won’t be sending electronic mail to their lawyers or family members back in communist China anytime soon.

Instead, the military is setting up an internal intranet web at the half-acre compound ”to teach them how to e-mail,” Mendez said.

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Jokes About Human Rights

Did you hear the one about the old United Nations Commission on Human Rights?

No? Well, it starts, and ends, like this, ‘The UN Commission on Human Rights was chaired by Libya…’  More>>

Gitmo Jihadists to be resettled in Australia?

* Why would KRudd’s Ostraya accomodate them when no state in the U.S. will have them?

Australia Considers Taking Guantanamo Detainees

The Federal Government is considering a request by the United States for Australia to resettle detainees from the Guantanamo Bay.

It is the third request by the US but the first to be made by the new President Barack Obama.

The detainees are 17 Uighurs, who are Muslims from north-western China.

They have been held for seven years at the prison camp, despite being cleared of links to terrorism. (They are not “cleared”- they have simply not been convicted. They are still jihadists../ed)

A Pentagon report in February called for them to be urgently released, but the US Government fears they will face persecution if they return to China.

  • Chinese law applies. Its not an Australian problem…

A spokesman for Kevin Rudd says the Government will consider the request on a case-by-case basis.

Exterminate the Brutes!


Ralph Peters (NYP) demands INSTANT JUSTICE


WE made one great mistake regarding Guantanamo: No terrorist should have made it that far. All but a handful of those grotesquely romanticized prisoners should have been killed on the battlefield.

The few kept alive for their intelligence value should have been interrogated secretly, then executed.

Terrorists don’t have legal rights or human rights. By committing or abetting acts of terror against the innocent, they place themselves outside of humanity’s borders. They must be hunted as man-killing animals.

And, as a side benefit, dead terrorists don’t pose legal quandaries.

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Prison Da'awa, Prison Jihad

Jihadi Virus in Our Jails  Once Islam gets into the system, it replicates and begins to cause serious problems for the host. Where has this not been true?


U.S. state prisons are major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization

At least two of the four Bronx synagogue jihadis “entered the system as Baptists and were paroled as Muslims.” More on this story. “State prisons are major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization,” by Wil Cruz, Joe Kemp and Patrice O’Shaughnessy for theDaily News, May 22:

The four men accused of plotting to blow up synagogues and shoot down a plane all did stretches in state prisons – a major breeding ground for Islamic radicalization. 

At least two of the suspects, James Cromitie and Onta Williams, entered the system as Baptists and were paroled as Muslims.

The concern about prisons incubating jihadists has been heightened in the debate over releasing Guantanamo terror suspects to facilities across the U.S.

FBI Director Robert Mueller has called America’s prisons “fertile ground for extremists.”

A 2006 study called “Out of the Shadows” found “tight-knit communities of Muslims in prison are ripe for radicalization, and could easily become terrorist cells.”…

Two Congressmen demand Uighur Gitmo jihadists be brought to U.S.

They were members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and were captured at an Al-Qaeda training camp. Bring them to the U.S.! Let McGovern and Delahunt put them up!

“Lawmakers demand Guantanamo Uighurs move to US,” from AFP, 

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Two lawmakers of President Barack Obama’s Democratic Party appealed Thursday to let Uighurs locked up at Guantanamo Bay move to the United States, saying they were victims of injustice.  (thanks to Weasel Zippers):Vlad Tepes: Time to wake up and smell the coffee. Outside of the typical far left Utopian, Americans must wake up to the reality that foreign jihadists do not belong in federal penitentiaries within our borders. The idea is beyond stupid.

Minneapolis Imam Decries ‘Hell of Living in America’  (PJ Media)
Yeah, life is hell for Muslims in the U.S. That must be why so many want in – and none of them ever leave.

Spencer: Jailhouse Jihad


In the featured article at Human Events this morning, I discuss jihadist recruitment in prisons, which should be a chief concern of law enforcement officials in the wake of the Bronx synagogue jihad plot, and the implications of all this for the Gitmo inmates.

Should we bring Guantanamo inmates to U.S. prisons, as the Obama administration has proposed? FBI Director Robert Mueller doesn’t think that it would be wise to house such prisoners even in the ultra-high security Supermax facility: “The concerns we have about individuals who may support terrorism being in the United States run from concerns about providing financing, radicalizing others.” Radicalizing others is a real possibility: two of the four Muslims, James “Abdul Rahman” Cromitie and Onta “Hamza” Williams, who were arrested last week for plotting to blow up synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down an airplane, converted to Islam while in prison. When they went to prison, both were Baptists.This really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Mueller sounded the warning some time ago, saying that America’s prisons were “fertile ground for extremists.” And a new Rand Corporation study, released just this month, has found that Islamic jihad groups have long targeted prisons as key centers for recruitment.


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Krauthammer: The Torture Never Stops

The Torture Debate, Continued…

By Charles Krauthammer/WaPo

This month, I wrote a column outlining two exceptions to the no-torture rule: the ticking time bomb scenario and its less extreme variant in which a high-value terrorist refuses to divulge crucial information that could save innocent lives. The column elicited protest and opposition that were, shall we say, spirited.

And occasionally stupid. Dan Froomkin, writing for washingtonpost.com and echoing a common meme among my critics, asserted that “the ticking time bomb scenario only exists in two places: On TV and in the dark fantasies of power-crazed and morally deficient authoritarians.” (He later helpfully suggested that my moral deficiencies derived from “watching TV and fantasizing about being Jack Bauer.”)  

Continue reading below….

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Today's Obambinations

“America is often portrayed as an ignorant, unsophisticated sort of place, full of bible bashers and ruled to a dangerous extent by trashy television, superstition and religious bigotry, a place lacking in respect for evidence based knowledge. I know that is how it is portrayed because I have done my bit to paint that picture…” BBC’s Washington correspondent Justin Webb

Melanie Phillips: Obama preparing to throw Israel under the bus

The incomparable Melanie Phillips analyzes the “moral sickness of the West” as it plays out in Obama’s looming betrayal of Israel. “Obama prepares to throw Israel under the bus,” in The Spectator, May 6

Obama reinstating immigration program that has brought 24 suspected jihadists into the US

Here is today’s Which-Side-Is-Obama-On Alert: “U.S. Importing Somali ‘Pirate-Jihadists,'” by David A. Patten forNewsmax, May 6 (thanks to JW):

US Republicans seek to block Obambi’s Gitmo releases into US

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Top House Republicans announced Wednesday they would unveil a bill aimed at blocking the transfer or release of detainees from the Guantanamo Bay facility for terrorism suspects into the United States.


Obama Skipping National Day of Prayer, Says He Already Prays Five Time a Day…..


Remember during the campaign, when he claimed over and over how much of a devoted Christian he was? Since taking office he’s only been to church once, on Easter…..

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Holder: Terrorists Won’t Be Set Free

Sure they won’t. Except for the terrorists that he deems may not be terrorists.