Australia: HIV-positive Rapist Taxi Driver Gets 9 Years of Prison Da'awa

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7News/By Stephanie Gardiner, AAP

HIV Positive Rapist Claims Status Entitles a Reduced Sentence…

Taxi driver Hassan Nagi’s rape victims may have found some comfort in his jailing.

But when the moment arrived, the family of the HIV-positive sexual predator hurled abuse at the young women, calling them liars and protesting his innocence.

After Judge James Bennett sentenced the 39-year-old to at least nine years, five months and three days jail for the rape of three female passengers, his elderly mother began yelling at the victims.

And his brother shouted: “It wasn’t my brother who dumped her on the street.”

Taxi Jihad DownUnder:

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Australia or KRuddistan?

  • Muslim sister lies for Muslim brother:

SMH: Muslim taxi driver rapist ‘honest and caring’

hassannagi-200x0Raped three women: Hassan Nagi

A Sydney cabbie who raped three female passengers is an “honest, caring person who would not harm a soul”, a judge has been told.

Fatima Kazan also said her brother-in-law, Hassan Nagi, was “very, very sorry” for his offences.

She was giving evidence in the Downing Centre District Court on Wednesday at the sentencing hearing for 37-year-old Nagi, of Bexley.

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Nagi has pleaded guilty to raping three women, aged 31, 23 and 27, in 2003, 2006 and 2007.

Ms Kazan said she had known Nagi for 10 years and had been shocked to learn of his crimes, adding, “This was out of his character, this is not him.”

She saw her brother-in-law daily. “He is always crying, he is always depressed.”

His lawyer handed up to Judge James Bennett a bundle of material, including “confidential submissions”.

The hearing is continuing.


Police being sued for defamation over questioning suspects

  • Men suing over police questioning
  • Say they were defamed when questions overheard
  • Payouts could be up to $250,000

THREE men questioned by police on Sydney streets are suing the New South Wales Government, saying the officers made defamatory comments about them within earshot of passers-by.

Alleged statements such as “we are stopping you because you guys were … intending to steal” could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and restrict the way police conduct routine investigations, The Australian reports. 

The NSW Government recently tried to have the men’s cases thrown out of court.However, a NSW District Court judge not only gave the two separate cases the go-ahead, but ordered the Government to pay the men’s legal costs. 

Payouts of up to $250,000 can be awarded if comments are found to be defamatory. 

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Australia: Rapist cab driver Hassan Nagi out on bail

The Australian

  • Predator cabbie out until April
  • He raped three women between 2003 and 2007


HE has been convicted of raping three women passengers and yet taxi driver Hassan Nagi walked free from court on bail yesterday. 

Despite subjecting his victims to violent assaults, the serial predator will remain at liberty until late April, when he is sentenced. 

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