Melilla, The Spanish Enclave That Harms Spain, And Europe

Hugh Fitzgerald

In Morocco, a cell of Islamic State supporters has been dismantled. Morocco claims that their weapons were smuggled in from Melilla, the Spanish enclave. If true, that is bad enough. But even if false, Melilla is not an asset to Spain but a permanent liability. And here is why: any of the tens of thousands of Arab and African “asylum seekers” who manage to get to Morocco, and then to the fences and barbed wire around Melilla can, if they manage to get through those defenses, and many thousands have, can not be immediately sent back into Morocco or anywhere else but must, according to the EU conventions Spain has adhered to, must be subject to a long process to determine the suitability of each claimant to “asylum status.”


It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, it often leads to decisions that allow these phony “refugees” to stay, or gives them time to escape from wherever they are being held — and in some cases they are allowed to go free on the promise that they will return for a hearing, and they never do, in short, it is a disaster for the Spanish. Possibly there is some value to Melilla of which only the Spansih are aware, but if there is none, there is certainly good reason to hand it over to the Moroccans, so that this point of entry into Spain and Schengenland no longer exists.

African invasion


Morocco says IS cell brought in arms through Spanish enclave

Vlad Tepes:

Humble KRudd instructions issued verbally, not in writing

Andrew Bolt

Don’t ask if they’re illegal

Sneaky, weak and irresponsible:

IMMIGRATION Department officials have been ordered to back off all non-essential visa checking, such as raids on brothels and illegal fruit pickers, as mainland detention centres are at risk of overflowing because of the constant transfer of asylum-seekers from Christmas Island. The Australian has learnt that Immigration Department compliance officers were told late last week to detain people only where necessary, because of the space pressure inside detention centres.

The instructions, which were issued verbally, not in writing, are understood to have been handed down last Thursday and Friday.

It is believed compliance officers were told to ease off all non-essential work and to detain people at airports only when absolutely necessary…

“Compliance officers have been asked to consider the impact of current detention capacity when planning their field operations, including looking at alternatives to detention,” (a) spokesman said.

And so to cover up the consequences of weakness, the Government weakens even further. And see once more how the guiding operational principle is Seeming.

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Italian Mafia doesn't like competition, machine-guns 6 African drug dealers

… which instantly makes hundreds of so-called ‘immigrants’ go on a rampage:

Times of India

ROME: Hundreds of African immigrants took their anger over the alleged mafia killing of six Africans to the streets here, hurling rocks and smashing windows in a town north of Naples. Several hundred people participated in the demonstration yesterday, which continued till evening, police said. 

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Italy: Illegal Algeriennes wreck detention centre


Italy: Illegal immigrants riot in holding centre

Cagliari, 18 Sept. (AKI) – More than 85 illegal immigrants being held at a temporary reception centre started a riot overnight on Thursday in the city of Elmas near Cagliari on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Most of the rioters began destroying the building and furnishings in order to prevent an imminent deportation order, media reports said. About 50 police in riot gear and paramilitary Carabinieri police officers arrived at the scene.

Most of the immigrants were of Algerian origin. 

There have not been any arrests, but the police headquarters have asked the interior ministry to transfer the illegal immigrants to another temporary holding centre.