Polygamy, child brides pose problems for Canada

Polygamy, child brides pose problems for immigration officials in Canada (and the rest of the world!)


OTTAWA – Forced marriages, child brides, polygamy and arranged marriages between first cousins are some of the problems that Canadian immigration officials in Pakistan have to deal with.

The problem is Islamic immigration altogether, because no other group of people has a religious mandate to kill and subjugate us.

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The Host & the Parasite

Islamic Immigration: The Host and The Parasite

Muslims want to live in Australia. They just don’t want to be Australian.  (Islamist Monitor)

CAIR ‘Sick and Tired’ of Condemning Islamic Terror?

What an annoyance the daily victims of Islamic terror are for CAIR’s director, Nihad Awad. Perhaps we should send him a sympathy card.  (News Real)

Nothing “moderate” about slick taqiyya spin-meister Waleed Aly

Fake as fake can be…. brother Waleed

WALEED Aly is the model of a “moderate” Muslim, and well rewarded for it.

The Wesley College graduate and lawyer became well known as the articulate, guitar-playing spokesman of the Islamic Council of Victoria.

He made a more reassuring apologist for Islam than, say, former Mufti of Australia Taj al-Din al-Hilali did with all his accented talk of martyrs and jihad.

Monash University made him a lecturer in its Global Terrorism Research Centre, while the Leftist media made him its pin-up, with his columns run by the Guardian, Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. His first book was showered with praise, and the ABC’s Q&A asked both him and his convert wife to present the face of Islam it preferred.

But this week Aly turned up for his spot as a co-host of the Conversation Hour of ABC 774 presenter Jon Faine, who said he’d earlier interviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born author and former Dutch MP who is now a critic of Islam, warning it’s a violently rejectionist faith akin to “fascism” and incompatible with a liberal democracy.

And, as Faine told Aly, “she says people who are ‘moderate’ Muslims like yourself are part of the problem because you take the rough edges of something that is fundamentally flawed”.

Aly’s response was disturbing.   Read the rest from Andrew Bolt:  Not as moderate as he sounds

Pamela Geller on O’Reilly Rebuts Co-Conspirator – Hamas linked CAIR’s Smear Campaign

Of course, no Islamic organization has ever denounced Islamic terrorism  without ifs or buts, and no Islamic organization has ever explained the meaning of ‘innocent civilians’, simply because such a concept doesn’t exist in Islam. Add to this the command to wage perpetual war on infidels, to terrorize them, to lie to them and deceive them until they pay the jiziya with willing submission and submit to Islamic law, and you’ll begin to understand why CAIR thug Nihad Awad is “sick and tired” of making excuses for sharia.

Religion of Peace

“When Westerners talk about peace, and Muslims talk about peace, they may use the same translated English word, but they mean different things.”  Greenlight for Islamic Supremacism

Greece: Far-left groups, including anarchists, riot in support of Muslim invasion…


About 2,000 people marched through the streets of Greek capital Athens on Thursday in a protest against government’s plans to deport illegal immigrants, local media said.

17299638554Protesters marched to parliament’s building, carrying banners “No to Racism, No to Government’s measures, chanting “Hands off immigrants”, “No to deportation”.

  • Needless to mention that Islam is not a race../ed

The protest was organized by trade associations, committee on immigrants’ protection, and leftist organizations.

Far-left groups, including anarchists, staged a protest rally in Athens and clashed with far-right groups and police in a district populated with immigrants.

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