From Viva Espagna to Allahu Akbar

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Spanish imam under investigation after calling on Muslims to ‘discipline’ misbehaving wives

The enemedia tried not to name and shame him, WoJ reveals the zebiba sportin’ Imam Abdeslam Laarusi

Don’t you wonder how he got such a silly idea?
During Friday prayer services, the imam “called on the faithful to ‘discipline’ the errant behavior of their spouses by acts of physical and psychological violence,” said the police statement.“He provided concrete examples of the manner in which wives should be beaten, how to isolate them inside the family home and how to deny them sexual relations,” said the police, saying they had received testimony to the effect from numerous witnesses.
Some 1,500 people usually attend Friday sermons by this particular imam in Terrassa, a city of some 200,000 residents in Spain’s northeast, which is home to a large Muslim community.

Apolojiziya in Spain

Yet another Klintoon appointee kowtows to the barbarians on behalf of the Muslim POTUS:

U.S. Ambassador Alan Solomont (lib dhimmi Jew)  told Muslims assembled at the town hall-like meeting in the heart of Barcelona’s old city that the United States is not an “enemy of Islam” and that U.S. President Barack Obama wants to improve America’s image in the Middle East as quickly as possible by closing the “dark chapters” of the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. (Good night, America!)

Mohammedan "Tourists" Storm Cordoba Cathedral, 2 Security Guards Seriously Injured

100 Mohammedan occupiers pretending to be tourists entered  Cordoba cathedral and started to curse unbelievers, an act they call  “praying”. When asked to stop, they attacked the security guards.

Of course the ban on Muslim prayer should remain inside the Cordoba cathedral — at least until the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople becomes a cathedral again. But what we see here are serious efforts of a Mohammedan reconquista, because land, once Islamic, belongs to allah for all time. Spain, (Al Andaluz for Mohammedans),  must be re-conquered at any cost.

To the Muslims, Spain is illegitimate, is to be destroyed, and “al-Andaluz” is to be restored in its place.
The 3/11 train bombings were but a warm-up. We will see more of this in the future. Stay tuned!

“Two arrested after fight in Cordoba’s former mosque,” by Giles Tremlett in The Guardian, April 1 (H/T Jihad Watch)

The interior of the cathedral in Cordoba where security guards confronted Mohammedan troublemakers who started praying

A confrontation between Muslim “tourists”  and guards employed by the Roman Catholic bishop at the world-famous Cordoba mosque cathedral saw two people arrested and two guards injured last night.

Trouble broke out when the visitors knelt to pray in the building, a former mosque turned into a Christian cathedral in the 13th century, where a local bishop, Demetrio Fernández, recently insisted that a ban on Muslim prayers must remain.

Half a dozen members of a group of more than 100 Muslims from Austria had started praying among the marble columns and coloured arches of the vast building when security guards ordered them to stop.

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Moors Want Spain to Apologize after 400 Years

Socialist Spain plans no celebrations for  throwing out the Moors 400 years ago?  400 years of Mohammedan expulsion no reason to celebrate? WTF happened here?

The defeat of the Moors in 1492 and the expulsion of the Moriscos from 17th-century Spain has become a politically sensitive subject, with Osama bin Laden referring to it in repeated calls for the restoration of al-Andalus, the former Muslim kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula.

Reconquista-rendicion-granadaThe Capitulation of Granada, by Francisco Pradilla y Ortiz

Spain marks 400th anniversary of expulsion of Muslims

Earth Times

Revisionist History, Lipstick on a Pig:

Madrid – On September 22, 1609, the regime of Spain’s King Philip III launched the expulsion of the country’s 300,000 Moriscos, as Muslim converts to Christianity were known. The firstexpulsion orders gave the Moriscos of the eastern region ofValencia three days to get to the nearest port, with no luggage other than what they could carry, after which delay they faced reprisals including death.

As Spain marks the 400th anniversary of the launch of the massexpulsion on Tuesday, it is widely regarded as an early example of ethnic cleansing and as a major loss that delayed the country’s development.

The government, however, is not commemorating the event that official Spain feels “uncomfortable” about, as novelist Juan Goytisolo put it.

Muslims known as Moors ruled parts of the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th to the 15th century.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the Muslim conquerors and settlers were not Arabs, but North African Berbers (Amazigh), and  many Spaniards of indigenous origin also converted to Islam.

Muslim Spain, which was known by the name of al-Andalus, was a beacon of high culture in medieval Europe, with its civilization peaking in the 10th century. (The myth of the Mohammedan “Golden Age”, read it here..)

The weakening and divisions among Spain’s Moorish kingdoms facilitated the Christian reconquest of the country, which was completed with the defeat of Granada to Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.

PH2007103101952Mohammedan train bombing in Madrid, which brought about Socialist appeasement and pandering…

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Revisiting the "Golden Age, Al Andaluz and the Myth of 'Islamic Tolerance'"

Spencer: Who Is Really Being Dishonest About Islam?

reconquista-rendicion-granada2Spain, Reconquista: Queen Isabella shows Muslims the way back to Africa

The dhimmi, as these covenanted peoples were called, were granted religious freedom, not forced to convert to Islam. They could continue to be Jews and Christians, and, as it turned out, they could share in much of Muslim social and economic life. In return for this freedom of religious conscience the Peoples of the Book (pagans had no such privilege) were required to pay a special tax — no Muslims paid taxes and to observe a number of restrictive regulations: Christians and Jews were prohibited from attempting to proselytize Muslims, from building new places of worship, from displaying crosses or ringing bells. In sum, they were forbidden most public displays of their religious rituals. (Pp. 72-3)

So much for a paradise of tolerance and multiculturalism. Historian Kenneth Baxter Wolf observes that “much of this new legislation aimed at limiting those aspects of the Christian cult which seemed to compromise the dominant position of Islam.” After enumerating a list of laws much like Menocal’s, he adds: “Aside from such cultic restrictions most of the laws were simply designed to underscore the position of the dimmîs as second-class citizens.”


*  Second -class citizens would be an euphemism for ‘worse than slavery…’

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