Rifqa Bari is 18! But is she off the hook?

Rifqa Bary is 18! (JW)

JAWA REPORT: Court Docs – Rifqa Bary’s father, Mohamed Bary, threatened Rifqa’s counselor, who in fear refused to testify on her behalf; Prosecutor Ron O’Brien refuses to file charges because “it will negatively impact the Muslim community”

The one who got away:

Israeli held in Libya returns home after release (Rantburg)

Rafael Rafram Chaddad, an Israeli-Tunisian dual national, disappeared in March in Libya, where he was photographing Jewish heritage sites on behalf of an organization that documents the history of Libya’s vanished Jewish community.

Once upon a time the Arabs believed in peaceful co-existence, then these horrible Zionists came along and spoilt the party:

Der Spiegel notices Hamas infighting. Then it calls some of them “peaceful.”

Der Spiegel (German only) has an interesting article about Hamas infighting. It starts off with some interesting facts, but then turns into a joke.

“We Seek Every Opportunity for Martyrdom”- Al-Quds Brigades

WTF stops us from exporting them to the virgins? Can’t we just  get on with it and help them along?   (Asharq Alawsat)

State Department: Taliban not a terrorist organization (JW)

Future Facebook Friends:

It is, of course, a jihad and Islamic supremacist organization — but no worries on that score either, as the State Department thinks jihad, i.e., interior spiritual struggle, is just fine. Capitulation: “State Department: Taliban is not a terrorist organization,” by Amanda Carey in The Daily Caller, August 10 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

Why is Islamic supremacist Ground Zero mosque imam traveling to Muslim countries on taxpayer money?

The New York Post asks pointed and necessary questions about this story. “An odd envoy,” from the New York Post, via JW

Bucktooth Bashir Might Face Death Penalty

“Al-Qaeda in Aceh”- AFP

JAKARTA — Indonesian police said Tuesday top radical Islamist preacher Abu Bakar Bashir could face the death penalty over his alleged role in terror plots with Al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Make no mistake: Ol’Bucktooth is preaching the real Islam, not the diluted version of the misunderstanders.

Bashir, who was arrested on Monday, is accused of funding and training extremists who were planning a wave of attacks in Jakarta.

“Our investigators found evidence that Abu Bakar Bashir had been actively involved in terror plots and activities including the training,” National police spokesman Edward Aritonang said.

Police have arrested 102 terror suspects, of whom 66 were detained, in a series of raids nationwide since discovering the training facility in Aceh, northern Sumatra island.

Aritonang said they found that several Islamic groups from regional terror network Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) to Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT) had also chosen Bashir as the leader for a new terror cell dubbed “Al-Qaeda in Aceh”.

The cell had planned a series of attacks, including using car bombs, on at least two embassies, several international hotels and the police headquarters in the capital.

The police discovered “Al-Qaeda in Aceh” in February and killed its leader Dulmatin, a JI militant, in March.

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Bad news for Rifqa Bari

US court capitulates to Sharia, sending apostate Rifqa Bary back to father who threatened to kill her


Well, not just yet….

Update: Rifqa Bary to be returned to Ohio …no, wait……

This is an outrage with numerous ominous implications. A terrible day for religious freedom in the U.S.,and a capitulation to Sharia and the stealth jihad that will come back to haunt us.

“Religious Runaway To Be Sent To Ohio Foster Home,” from WESH.com, October 13 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm and JW):

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US Terrorist Group CAIR Tells Florida Court There's No Such Thing as Honor Killing in Islam

Yid  with Lid: US Terrorist Group CAIR Tells Florida Court There’s No Such Thing as Honor Killings in Islam

rifqa-bary“A Muslim teen who fled from Ohio to Florida after becoming Christian swears her father will kill her if she goes back home. Florida authorities appear willing to take that chance.”

I guess we can all go home now.  The lawyers for the parents of Rifqa Bary assured the court today that there is no such thing as honor killing in Islam. The attorneys who are employees of CAIR said that Rifqa’s concerns were unfounded. And if CAIR says so it must be true.

What they ignored is the major question, why are employees of an organization named by the DOJ as a sponsor of terrorism allowed to operate as lawyers in the United States. It seems to me that they should be in court as defendants, not attorneys.

Sheik sez: What’s the world coming to? Nothing is Islamic anymore, not even Islam. FGM? Tribal. Child marriage? Un-Islamic. Killing of apostates? Not in the Koran. Sharia? Ancient rulings. Killing unbelievers? Figment of your imagination. Child marriage? The Joozzz do it too.  Jihad? No such thing. Terror? That’s the Jooozz who are causing it.  Burqa, hijab, niqab: nothing to do with Islam, biblical dress! Killing of homosexuals? Watch Pat Robertson, he’s worse! Hate-preachers in the mosques? Un-Islamic!  Hey, what are you? Some kind of Islamophobe?

Fathima’s Fears

Islamism: A Muslim teen who fled from Ohio to Florida after becoming Christian swears her father will kill her if she goes back home. Florida authorities appear willing to take that chance.


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The "Cairo Declaration of Human Rights" Under Shari'a…

Dare to compare: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the garbage from the Islamic usurpers who seek to replace it: “Human Rights” under shari’a  would reduce the whole concept to worthless drivel…

Related: Rifqa Bary Death Threat: Exhibit A, The Document: FATWA (Death Penalty) for Apostasy


Apostasy and the Islamic Nations

By Andrew G. Bostom

The 1990 Cairo Declaration, or so-called “Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam”, was drafted and subsequently ratified by all the Muslim member nations of theOrganization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Now a 57 state collective which includes every Islamic nation on earth, the OIC, currently headed by Turkey’s Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, thus represents the entire Muslim umma (or global community of individual Muslims), and is the largest single voting bloc in the United Nations (UN).

The opening of the preamble to the Cairo Declaration repeats a Koranic injunction affirming Islamic supremacism, (Koran 3:110; “You are the best nation ever brought forth to men…you believe in Allah“), and states,

“Reaffirming the civilizing and historical role of the Islamic Ummah which Allah made the best nation…”

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