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Saudi Arabia mulls minimum age for marriage

That Aiisha dilemma: since Muhammad was the perfect man and every Muhammedan is religiously obliged to emulate him, child-marriage will be with us for as long as Islam is allowed to exist.

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Saudi Arabia mulls minimum age for marriage

The Elder of Zion

The good news: 

A new law on child marriage from the Ministry of Justice which currently has the issue under study may set the legal age of marriage at 18 while also imposing greater restrictions on persons permitted to authorize the marriage of minors.

OK, the two clauses are slightly contradictory but any way you look at it, the number of sickening marriages of pre-teens to men triple their age in Saudi Arabia would be reduced.

The bad news:

Lawyer Adnan Al-Zahrani was quoted as saying in the report that guardians – thefathers – were permitted to marry off a minor of either sex and could contract marriage for their daughters even at the age of one. Al-Zahrani said that when girls reached the age of puberty they were permitted to choose whether to accept or reject a marriage contract.

At the age of ONE???


* Latest News First:


Filipino maid hurt in bid to get away

KUWAIT CITY : A Filipino housemaid has been referred to a hospital with serious injuries, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
According to reports she was injured after she fell down while attempting to escape from her sponsor in Riqei.
She allegedly made a rope by tying bed covers together and was attempting to climb down from the fifth floor apartment. The ‘rope’ snapped when she reached midway and she fell to the ground.


Thanks to the Opinionator

While browsing the web, yesterday, I viewed the Arab Times online site and came across several news articles about the rape and abuse of maids in Kuwait. I was surprised at the cluster of cases so I searched the web for more information and was nearly knocked off my chair when I realized the enormous extent of the huge numbers of foreign maids suffering abuse at the hands of their Middle East “sponsors”.  To use the term “maid” is a misnomer – these women (and boys) are nothing more than modern day SLAVES.  Slaves to be abused, raped, tortured, maimed, and killed. 

Many of these maids come into the Middle East (particularly Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon) from Indonesia, the Phillipines, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia – smaller numbers come from India and Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia has the largest number of these imported domestics estimated at 200,000 in 2004. These maids are seen as inferiors to their Middle Eastern masters and many countries do not even recognize them as being covered by labor laws – including minimum wage:

“The plight of domestic workers in Lebanon rose to the spotlight during the summer of 2006, when Israel launched a thirty-four-day military offensive on Lebanon. In Arabic, the term “Abed” is used to denote a “black” person or “slave” and the word is sometimes heard in reference to Africans or Sri Lankans. Non-Arab Afro-Asian migrants in Lebanon are physically looked upon as inferior due to their positions as servants. These workers remain excluded under Article 6 of Lebanese labour laws and are often victims of abuse by both employers and agencies.” LINK

The vast majority of these women are seeking an opportunity to earn money and send remittances back to their families – 

“…….Phillipines, where the economy relies heavily on remittances from nearly eight million Filipinos working overseas. Of that eight million, about 73,000 work in Kuwait.Some 60,000 are women employed mainly as maids and earning less than $200 a month on average, labor groups say.

Some of these woman do quickly realize the danger and manage to escape in a few days. But, many of the remaining “servants” are left in a living nightmare.

Here are some of the sickening stories of abuse, etc that I came across with a quick net search:

Read it all…

"Miss Beautiful Morals"

If looks could kill:

too ridiculous to mention. But this is the cult that wants to dominate us. This is the cult that Obama bows to:


Tim Blair –

“Unlike conventional pageants, looks will not play a part in the competition.” Well, obviously. But will Perez Hiltonbe allowed to ask contestants about gay marriage?

* What kind of morals are these freaks promoting? Breeding “martyrs” like Umm Nidal? Being invisible and ready for sex anytime the pasha calls?

Where are Western feminists? Where is womens lib and all the liberated tarts who want to break the ‘glass ceiling?’ 

Sowdi Arabia: "At Least She Hasn't got AIDS"

Indonesian maids returning home

* An Indonesian maid who ran away from her employer and was subsequently raped by 43 Sowdi swine is not infected with AIDS, Arab News reports. The article doesn’t tell us whether she will be stoned to death for making them do it:

Arab News: Raped maid not carrier of AIDS: Police

H/T Atlas Shrugs/Pamela comments:

I almost reported on this yesterday and I thought, another heinous gang rape in an Islamic country. I’ll report on it when the 46 men get off. But accusing the rape victim (who was attempting to escape domestic slavery) of AIDS is a new twist. A rape by 46 men wasn’t bad enough — they always have to add a new horror, a fallacious charge of AIDS. The implication of course, that she was a whore - in Islam, every rape victim is a whore. Get it?

* Maids ‘treated as slaves’ in Saudi Arabia

* Runaway Maids in Saudi Arabia

* Spotlight on Saudi Slave Abuse of Foreign Maids…

*  “Foreign Female Workers Were Tortured to Death, Saudi ambassador Said It Was Her Destiny”

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Sowdi Arabia: Aussie mama finds herself in big doodoo

Australian woman stranded in Saudi Arabia after divorce, could be arrested for showing her face

* Marry a Muslim; enjoy your Islam:

Sharia Alert. She can’t get custody of her four children, and she “could also face arrest if the husband has fled with her residency papers.” He’s a citizen of Australia himself, though he’s clearly enjoying the Saudi system more: All the benefits and privileges for him as a man, and all the restrictions for her. “Australian stranded in Saudi Arabia,” from the Australian Associated Press,


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